What is Amazon Service Provider (AWS)? What features does it offer? And how does it work? How does AWS help you to host your website? That’s what we are going to answer in this article. As you know, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is an IT service provided by Amazon that gives users the opportunity to use the web services offered by the company – including computing power, data storage, and hosting – through internet-based interfaces that make it easier to access these services than if they were used directly.

1Byte Technology has been an AWS Consulting Partner for a long time and we would like to answer all your questions about Amazon Service Provider License Agreement (SLA). In this guide, we’ll explain the most important topics including pricing, what resources are available in Amazon SLA, and how to implement it correctly on your side. We’ll also try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that you may have about this agreement. Let’s get started!


1. AWS is a global provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms, storage, and other services for building web applications and custom software solutions.

2. AWS offers a suite of services that includes compute power, database storage, content delivery network, load balancing, web hosting in cambodia, analytics tools and more.

3. The AWS platform provides these features as a service over the Internet by exposing them through an API or online user interface without the need for any hardware investment or management effort by the customer. 4. In addition to its own infrastructure, AWS also partners with companies who provide IT infrastructure, such as servers and data centers. 5. For example, it partnered with HP to have HP host many popular applications from customers of AWS at their co-located facilities around the world. 6. Furthermore, this partnership allows HP customers using these products from HP—such as Oracle Database or SAP BusinessObjects—to use those products seamlessly within their own enterprise environment alongside other systems that they may be running locally on premises; i.e., avoiding what’s called shadow IT. 7. I hope you found this post informative and will consider applying for our partner program!

Working with AWS services

Amazon Web Services, more commonly known as AWS, is a collection of cloud computing services that help organisations meet their needs. AWS has been around since 2006 and currently offers 54 different services in 10 broad categories.

Services include compute power in the form of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), storage through Simple Storage Service (S3), databases such as DynamoDB and data transfer through Direct Connect.

A wide range of enterprises use AWS for a variety of purposes such as workday processing and analytics, machine learning, data warehousing and business intelligence. The company also provides tools for deploying applications at scale such as serverless computing with Lambda or database migration with RDS-to-DynamoDB feature. It also owns a content delivery network called CloudFront which speeds up distribution of video, audio, images and other media content.

 Web hosting in cambodia providers are those who host your website on their own servers. They generally provide 24/7 customer service, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, fast loading times and easy site management options. Web hosts offer shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPSs) and dedicated servers depending on your requirements.

Hosting packages usually come with a pre-defined amount of monthly traffic allowance so it’s important to check if this meets your requirements before choosing any particular web host provider for your website.

Choosing the right service for your business

Amazon Web Services provides a variety of cloud computing services, including web hosting and data storage. The company’s AWS Consulting Partner program helps partners better understand the platform and how to use it for their customers’ needs. This can be especially helpful for small businesses that may not have the in-house expertise or resources necessary to implement or maintain a cloud infrastructure. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of becoming an AWS Consulting Partner and how you can start your own consulting business on the platform. Qualified candidates must complete a series of modules offered by AWS Learning Library before applying for the Partnership Program. These include required modules as well as additional modules that align with each partner’s areas of specialization. Achieving AWS Certified Professional status and passing an exam also contributes to qualification for partnership consideration. Once accepted into the program, AWS Consulting Partners have access to various promotional materials and special discounts to help grow their client base and expand their business reach globally.


Amazon Web Services or AWS, one of the leading cloud computing company in the world, has been developing and operating internet-based infrastructure services. In other words, they offer a suite of on-demand computing resources and development tools that can be quickly and easily accessed through a web service interface.

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure solutions for startups as well as enterprises. That said, if your business needs an economical yet scalable hosting solution for your website then you should definitely consider this option.

The cost of Amazon’s S3 storage service starts at $0.023 per GB/month which translates to just $0.0427 per month for 1TB at maximum capacity. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any downtimes since it’s backed up with 99.99% availability.