Painting is one of the fastest ways to improve your home’s style and increase its value. While it looks like an easy job, it is not. You will require the help of a professional residential and corporate building painting contractor to paint your home or office building and make it look inviting. But before hiring one, it is essential to know what a painting contractor is and how you can hire one.

What is a Painting Contractor? 

A painting contractor is a skilled craftsperson who works for a general contractor or is hired directly by a homeowner. A painting contractor is often a small business, ranging from a single painter to a small company employing between 15 and 20 painters. The contractor’s primary concentration is on painting residential and commercial properties. Additionally, they may specialize in staining, drywall repair, and wallpaper installation.

What Does a Painting Contractor Do? 

While painting contractors’ primary task is to paint your home or commercial space, they will do much more. The following are some of the responsibilities that painting contractors perform when hired:

  • Move furniture around to access areas that will be painted.
  • Cover all areas that won’t be painted
  • Repair any damaged surfaces before painting. This can include filling holes, evening the surface, and sanding and scraping loose paint.
  • Prime the surface
  • Paint two coats of paint on the ceiling and the walls
  • Paint the molding and trim
  • Touch up missed areas
  • Clean up and remove drop cloths and tarps
  • Inspect the finished project with the homeowner. 

How To Find a Painting Contractor? 

Finding a painting contractor on your own might be stressful. Uncertainty about what to look for and what questions to ask might leave you feeling disoriented. The following are some pointers on how to hire a painting contractor:

Begin with a Plan 

While you may be eager to begin painting your home, it is always prudent to pause and prepare a precise strategy. A well-thought-out plan will save you both time and money. Several factors to consider when creating the plan include the following:

  • Whether it is an exterior or interior job?
  • By when should the painting be complete?
  • How many rooms need to be painted?
  • How will the project affect your home and work-life routine? 

Speak to Potential Contractors 

Once you shortlist potential contractors, it is time to speak to them and find out about their company. Get as many details about their work as possible. Here are a few things to check during the interview:

  • Ask for references of past work and clients
  • Find out whether employees or subcontractors will be working on the project?
  • Check if the contractor is licensed or insured
  • Find out the brands of paint the contractor uses
  • Check if the estimate includes the paint cost 
  • Ask how many coats of paint will be applied
  • Check if you should be home or away during the painting project
  • Get details of payment processes and contracts 

Thoroughly Vet Your Top Choices 

Once you have interviewed the contractors, you will be able to shortlist them further. Compare your top prospects. Speak to old clients and find out if:

  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Were the previous clients satisfied with the work done?
  • Did the project cross the original budget?
  • Was the painting team professional?
  • Would the previous customers hire the contractors again? 

Get Detailed Estimates 

The contractor will collect all the details of your project and draw up an estimate. Get estimates in writing from at least three potential contractors. Ensure the estimate includes the following:

  • The contractor’s contact information, like company name, telephone number, address, website.
  • Total cost inclusive of taxes
  • Project scope, including areas that need painting, prep work, and application process
  • Specifications of the paints and other supplies used
  • Start and end dates of the project
  • Payment terms, if any

Find Out About Licenses and Insurance 

Before hiring the contractor, find out if they are licensed and have current insurance. This is critical as the insurance will cover any damages in case of any incidents or mishaps on-site. Ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate. You can even speak to the insurance agency to confirm whether the policy is current. You won’t worry about licensing and insurance when hiring professional contractors like Body Corporate Painting Brisbane. All their painters are insured and will ensure they do a thorough job of painting your home or office.