What Happens to Thigh Tattoos When You Lose Weight?


You’ll only notice changes in a tattoo design if you’ve lost or gained a lot of weight. Increasing weight, or losing weight, can impact the position and size of a tattoo design. The closer the tattoo is to the muscle, the less likely it is to change. Read this post to know what happens to thigh tattoos when you lose weight

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What Happens to Thigh Tattoos When You Lose Weight?

Only significant muscle or weight increase will cause a thigh tattoo to expand visibly. Stretch marks are the most notable difference that might occur due to weight increase. You won’t even recognize stretch marks unless they’re significant, although the design texture may somewhat change as a result. 

Yet, if you have a tattoo on the thigh side and subsequently lose a significant amount of weight, the tattoo’s placement may change. It may move to the front or rear of your thigh rather than sitting tight on the thigh side.

Is Getting a Tattoo On The Thigh a Good Idea?

Yes. Although forearms, thighs, upper arms, or calves are ideal positions to ink, elbow, and knee, body art can be a little spicy but still manageable. According to the tattoo pain scale, designs on the torso can hurt more since the skin is thinner and softer.

Should You Delay Getting a Tattoo Until You Have Lost Weight?

What should you do if you wish to lose weight in the future but still want a tattoo? Any significant physical alteration can have an impact on your tattoo.

On the other hand, there’s rarely a significant difference in the appearance of your tattoos before and after weight loss.

How much weight you want to lose, the tattoo detail, and its position are some elements that affect how well your ink will look in the future.

Will Your Tattoos Be Ruined If You Work Out?

Doing exercise causes the muscles to ỉmpove and the skin to sweat. Excessive perspiration and pulling of your skin in the tattooed area can cause the recovery process to be slowed.

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Is  Getting a Tattoo When You’re Skinny Better?

No. The skin simply extends, and the ink on your bicep flattens down a little. If you’re small when you have it, but it wraps around the bicep, it won’t wrap around as much as it used to and may flatten out when you put on weight.


Hopefully, our post on “what happens to thigh tattoos when you lose weight?” was helpful for you. Remember that you can visit your tattooist for a touch-up and their professional opinion if you already have a tattoo and have noticed alterations in your design associated with weight loss or growth for whatever cause. 

You may even choose a redesigned artwork version that better reflects this time of your life. All in all, the option to accept or retouch your ever-changing body art is one you should decide for yourself.