ILM UK is a UK registered charity that seeks to support the impoverished and needy around the world. They have a number of appeals, including hifz sponsorships, fighting hunger, and winter appeals, which take donations to benefit many disadvantaged people around the world.

We aim to raise awareness about the problems that orphans in South Asia and Africa face in their daily lives, and how the general public can support their appeals in order to aid these orphans.

ILM UK works to provide orphans with formal education and child welfare facilities such as healthcare and clean drinking water across South Asia and Africa. This will ensure their safety and help them deal with the problems they so often face.

This charity is inspired by Islamic principles, in which the needy and vulnerable are supported. They have a number of appeals including orphan sponsorships that aid orphans in need in South Asia and Africa.

What issues are these orphans faced with?

Orphans in these regions are at risk of being abused or exploited as child labourers. Many children, particularly in South Asia are made to beg on the streets or sort through piles of rubbish to find and sell what they can to afford basic meals. In addition to these, sex trafficking is a huge risk to these orphans who have lost their parents because of illness, poverty or death. There are also more issues faced by those living in South Asia. This shocking and sad reality is unfortunately the case for thousands of children, of whom the majority are orphans.

Orphans in South Africa also face similar problems. Due to Covid-19, the number of orphans increased drastically, and there is estimated to have been an increase in over 100,000 orphans due to the effects of the virus.

To combat the number of orphans who are without care and resources, ILM UK collects donations for orphan sponsorships. This has allowed them to have 3,500 children sponsored every year, internationally. 

ILM UK – Winter Appeal

Winter in countries like Pakistan and Palestine can be bitterly cold, and this poses risks to the health of those living in there. There are individuals, orphans and whole families that must brave the cold throughout the winter months without adequate housing, food and clothing. This can often lead to deteriorating health as well as deaths.

The Winter Appeal requests donations to support and protect families in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Palestine during the harsh winter months. Donations towards this appeal allow ILM UK to provide nutritious meals, blankets, clothing and more resources to ensure that those in need can make it through the winter in good health.

Hifz Sponsorships

As well as their Winter Appeal, ILM also encourages donations for Hifz sponsorships. Hifz refers to where someone is memorising the Qur’an. ILM encourages the general public to donate to support children in memorising the Qur’an because of the reward in it. “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others” (Bukhari).
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