Graduate students wear an academic hood at graduation ceremonies. It’s traditionally black and has a hooded design to complete academic regalia. Some universities hood Doctoral and Master’s graduates on stage as well. Doctoral graduates wear a hooded trencher. The trencher is solid black felt, with a square top and a black silk tassel. It sits atop an oval cap with a point in front. Graduates with Master’s degrees wear a bonnet-style cap, which is made of black velvet and has a tassel and cord in the color of the discipline.

Doctoral hood

Graduate students wear a hood during the hooding ceremony, a formal event to recognize the graduate. A hood is a triangular fold of cloth worn over the back of the gown. The color of the hood indicates the graduate’s field of study. Graduates may also receive medallions, cords, and ribbons for their accomplishments. For example, a gold medallion on a gold ribbon indicates the recipient graduated with honors. However, this does not apply to a baccalaureate graduate.

Graduating doctoral students should make sure to wear their doctoral hood during commencement. While most doctoral gowns have a front zipper, some have an open style. The length of the gown should fall between eight and twelve inches above the floor. Doctoral hoods may be attached to the gown by looping the hood string around a button on the gown or a shirt button underneath it.

Bachelor’s hood

Most people think of academic regalia as gowns and hoods for academic ceremonies. These garments are expensive and seldom worn. However, it is important to consider the different types of academic regalia and the colors representing each degree. When you buy academic regalia, you must consider the degree you are earning, as the hoods will vary according to the degree. Generally, a bachelor’s degree hood will be shorter than a master’s.

Academic regalia is typically navy blue or black. It means you’re a philosophy student. Other colors indicate your academic discipline. The hood will have the colors of the academic discipline and the university you’re graduating from on the outside. Doctoral headgear is usually a soft tam with four or six corners, depending on your school. However, if your degree ceremony requires hoods, it will be more formal.

Master’s hood

Women may wear their academic hoods or caps any time, while men usually take them off only during the National Anthem and opening invocation. In addition, both genders are permitted to wear academic regalia during commencement ceremonies. While there is no rule for when to wear an academic hood, some institutions require that candidates wear their tassel on the right before conferring their degrees. After a degree is conferred, they can wear their tassel on either side.

The hoods of graduate students are worn on stage as they receive their degrees. These hoods are usually made from black velvet and have a contrasting color based on the discipline. A doctoral degree hood, on the other hand, is a royal blue or purple color. Graduates with multiple degrees may wear the hoods. In this case, the hood may not be appropriate for all students, so it’s best to check with the program in which you are enrolled.

Graduation robe

A graduate can choose to wear a traditional or contemporary Graduation robe. Today’s robes are typically made of polyester fabric. They are durable, lightweight, mildew-resistant, and quick to dry. In addition to being lightweight, polyester robes retain their heat-set creases and pleats. However, they are not intended for long-term use and may fade in the sun.

They can purchase a new robe if they have lost theirs. The university offers different robe colors to choose from, so they can match the theme of their graduation ceremony. The company also provides a storage service so that graduates can keep their robes for a more extended period.

Graduates in various academic disciplines wear graduation hoods. Graduates of an undergraduate degree, for example, wear black robes with traditional white mortar boards, while Master’s degree graduates wear a hooded white or gold hood. In addition, academic hoods are often decorated with honor cords, which recognize an individual’s achievement for an honor. In addition to hoods, graduate students can purchase a graduation hood or a cap and tassel to complement their gown.