Imagine a person without a mobile phone in the present world. What would you think of him as? Outdated? Old fashioned? Pretty much a yes. These are the same things that people utter when they look at a luxurious villa without Home Automation. Today, home automation is synonymous to luxury. If you don’t have it, you don’t have luxury. If you do not know what home automation is, check out to get the required knowledge. But where has home automation come to since its advent? What are the latest trends in this technology?

1 – Adjustable lighting and its automation!

Earlier, when we used to enter a room we had to turn the lights on manually. Now, when we enter a room, the lights turn themselves on automatically, like a good home servant.  Not only this, the lights tune their luminosity, intensity, colours, and whatnot. Know that lighting is a part of interior design and you must not depend on a technician alone for this. You can search for the home automation agency that holds expertise in interior design too.

2 – Ambience creator!

We, humans, have a special affection for lighting and ambience. There is a reason why bars and pubs have special kinds of lighting. It directly impacts our brain and thus releases certain kinds of hormones and experience.

Earlier it was not possible to create a whole different ambience using lighting alone. But now it is a possibility. You want to relax yourself down and listen to some classical? Just click a specific ambience setting and your whole interior will change as if by magic.

3 – IOT or Internet of Things!

Companies are investing millions, universities are creating standalone courses, leaders are preaching about it, and whatnot. Internet of Things, in simple terms, is a network of different electrical appliances that are connected to each other over the same wireless network. Consequently, they work in harmony to create an experience for you. For example, if you have an IOT in place, the wireless will know when you are awake in the morning and thus regulate the water temperature to keep it ready for your shower. Once you are done with shower, it will know what to do next – brew a good cup of coffee.

All these things get done with a sophisticated placement of things in a controlled environment. 

4 – Wireless Security Control!

Home is generally considered to be the lap of comfort, but it sometimes becomes stressful too. When we are away from home for a vacation, a fear keeps on murmuring around our ears if home is safe or not. But what good is technology for if it cannot even keep our fears away?

Wireless Security System is no less some magic. You can watch over your house while enjoying your summer vacation in Bali. With a wireless system at place, you can control your CCTVs, door locks, irrigation system, alarm system, fire-security system, and all that is possible. Furthermore, you need not to keep gazing at the CCTV footage too. The movement detection system can even detect unusual movements at the dead of the night.

These are a few latest updates in the Home Automation technology. The thing to keep in mind is that you have to hire a trusted agency that holds expertise in home automation. You can search for the home automation agency near you and investigate their past record and testimonials. It will help you ward off any scams and keep enjoying your soothing ambience that you might just have created using a single click.