If you have experienced a plumbing issue in your home lately, your plumber may have asked you if you had sewer cleanouts. If you have a blockage that is preventing your water from draining properly, you need to call an affordable plumbing company in Houston. Sewer cleanouts are vital in your home’s waste disposal and plumbing system.  For instance, if there’s a clog in your sewer lines, a plumber will use the sewer cleanouts to access the pipes with a hydro jet or auger.

But not to worry. Classic Cleanouts has put together a comprehensive post on everything you need to know about sewer cleanouts. Keep ready to learn more!

What Are Sewer Cleanouts?

Sewer cleanouts are pipes that have caps on them that provide access to your sewer system so issues like clogs can be repaired by drain cleaning professionals. Usually, a sewer cleanout will be located along your lateral sewer line which connects your home’s plumbing system to the main public sewer system.

Does My Home Have a Sewer Cleanout?

Every house should have a sewer cleanout but some homes don’t. Also, most of the houses that have sewer cleanouts don’t have a sufficient number. 

So, how do you locate sewer cleanouts in your home or lack thereof?

First off, locating your main sewer cleanout isn’t an easy feat. Its location varies depending on the geographic climate of your area and the style of your home. Some sewer cleanouts have one pipe extending upward while others have two pipes.

Building Codes require that every home have sewer cleanouts. Therefore, new homes, homes with a pier and beam foundation or slab foundation and those with new lawn sewer lines are likely to have sewer cleanouts. Homes built before 2012 generally don’t have sewer cleanouts unless their sewer lines have been replaced. If your home doesn’t have a sewer cleanout on your lawn, one can access the sewer through a plumbing vent pipe on your roof.

Benefits of Having Sewer Cleanouts in Your Home

  • Sewer cleanouts prevent recurring drain problems. A plumber can access your home’s sewer cleanout to determine the cause of your plumbing problem and help you prevent it from happening in the future.
  • Sewer cleanouts help you to remain proactive when it comes to your plumbing system. Plumbers can detect problems early during routine maintenance and they can be resolved before they escalate.
  • Sewer cleanouts make it easier to fix clogged pipes
  • They reduce the time spent and cost to clear away sewer line clogs
  • Sewer cleanouts prevent flooding inside your house and protect your property from water damage. In the event that your home is flooded, you’d have to grapple with foul smells and the risk of electrocution, especially with electric appliances still running. Harmful gasses also build up in your plumbing system and pose a significant health risk if they seep into your baseboards and floors. Luckily, sewer cleanouts have caps that protect you from harmful gasses in your plumbing system and any buildup in your home.

What If My Home Doesn’t Have a Sewer Cleanout?

Many older homes do not have a sewer cleanout. But not to worry, you can have one installed either way.

Also, while your home may have a sewer cleanout, you may find it hard to locate it if it’s covered by dirt. If you suspect your home has a sewer cleanout and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can do a little digging in your lawn to uncover it.

If you still can’t find it, you can call a professional plumber to locate it for you. A plumber can run a camera from your basement and use their locating equipment to accurately locate the cleanout.

Sewer Cleanout Installation

If you are considering having your home fitted with a sewer cleanout, we recommend having it installed outdoors. Outside sewer cleanouts provide easy and clear access to your plumbing system outdoors. This removes the hassle from most plumbing services involving your sewer lines.

Outside sewer cleanouts prevent the pipe and water damage that can occur when you’re getting your plumbing system cleaned from indoors. A professional plumber can advise you on the best spot to install your sewer cleanout. For instance, installing a sewer cleanout close to the cast to clay connection allows you easy access to blockages and problematic tree roots.

As we’ve seen in this article, sewer cleanouts are quite essential to any home. If you are having trouble locating it in your home or you don’t have one altogether, reach out to Classic Cleanouts for professional and reliable plumbing help.