The need for laboratory safety is paramount, and it is important to follow the proper rules to keep your lab safe. A biological safety cabinet is a device that protects test tubes from contamination and other equipment in the lab. The study of BSCs has been ongoing since 1980, with many health and safety benefits ranging from decreased exposure to dangerous microbes to protecting lab workers from serious chemical burns and explosions.

Detail On Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological safety cabinets are specially designed cabinets that use airflow to protect lab workers from chemical and biological hazards. BSCs also works by applying a physical barrier to protect against contamination. The cabinet is sealed so that airflow and pressure keep the potentially dangerous substances inside, but at the same time can pass air out of the cabinet. The fan creates negative pressure in the back of the lines attached to a vacuum source.

When an explosion occurs or if chemicals leak out of their containers, they can contact another material. The dispersed chemicals will not seep into other substances keeping lab workers safe while continuing their research making biological safety cabinets extremely important in any laboratory setting.

Benefits of Using Biological Safety Cabinet in Lab

Many different laboratory safety cabinets are available in the market right now. The biological safety cabinet is one of the most common, but it has many benefits that make it a great choice for your lab. Here is an illustrated list of reasons why you should consider such cabinets:

  • Wash down or decontamination

When laboratory chemicals or biological agents leak, they can cause serious contamination in the working area. In general, these substances should be washed down or decontaminated using special equipment called a washing machine. A biological safety cabinet can also be used as a wash down station where workers can hose it down to wash out any leaking substances.

  • Reduce biological hazards in the laboratory

Biological agents can cause several health risks if they are not handled properly. If materials are not decontaminated or washed down properly, workers can face problems like skin rashes, headaches, and irritation of the mucous membranes. Biological safety cabinets and fume hoods can reduce these potential problems.

  • Prevent chemical reactions from occurring

Chemical reactions are an integral part of laboratory work. Still, if workers do not exercise proper protocols, then a chemical reaction could cause a fire or explosion in the lab area. To prevent this from occurring, one should install biological safety cabinets with explosion-proof fans to prevent any problems from occurring as per laboratory guidelines and standards.

  • Protect workers from biological and chemical agents

Laboratory chemicals have the capability of causing major damage to the body if they come in contact with it. Some chemicals are corrosive and can cause serious issues like skin burns and even blindness if they contact lab workers. To prevent these issues, one should install a biological safety cabinet in the lab area to protect them from potential harm. 

  • Prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals

Some laboratory experiments involve dangerous substances that could end up causing exposure problems for workers if they are not handled properly. This is why laboratory researchers should use a biological safety cabinet as a means of exposure protection.

  • Protect from splashes and spills

Laboratory chemicals have the potential of causing serious health issues if they get out of their containers or laboratories. Some substances can cause irreversible damage to the skin and even cause major chemical burns if they contact it. To prevent these problems, you should install a wash down station to protect lab workers from such hazards.

  • Prevent release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere

Some laboratory tests require many chemicals, which can cause dangerous gases that are harmful to humans to be released into the atmosphere. The biological safety cabinet is an excellent way to prevent this from occurring because it prevents chemical reactions, thereby preventing any dangerous by products from being released into the air.

  • Prevent accidents

Lab accidents are an inevitable part of any research, and if one does not take steps to keep the lab workers safe from any potential disasters, then it is possible that an accident could happen. You should install a biological safety cabinet in your lab area to prevent this.

  • Reduce exposure to hazardous substances

Some chemicals used in labs are extremely harmful if inhaled directly or come into contact with the skin. When these substances come into contact with organisms or other materials, they can cause serious health issues like cancer and even death. Biological safety cabinets are o well-equipped to protect workers against these potential problems because they prevent harmful chemical reactions from occurring as per laboratory standards and guidelines.