It can often be more than a little frustrating when you watch a movie or a television series whereby the lead characters live in a huge mansion or else reside in a large town apartment with high walls and ceilings and have plenty of room to move around.

In reality, millions of people across the length and breadth of the country and beyond live in tiny apartments, especially those who live in large cities and town centers, and if you are one of these people, then you are not alone!

So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn of some fabulous ways to design and decorate a small bedroom.

Simplicity is Key

Obviously, as your bedroom is somewhat on the smaller side, there is no way that you can, for example, display every single Lego model you’ve ever constructed on shelving across the back wall.

It is for this reason that one of the best tips for designing and decorating a small bedroom is to keep it as simple as possible. For example, if you tend to watch television in bed but feel as if a television will take up too much space, consider mounting it on the wall, negating the need for a television stand. 

Think Outside the Bed Box!

Traditionally, of course, your bed is your oasis of calm in a busy and hectic modern working life, but if your bedroom simply does not have the space for a Queen size bed, then you need to start thinking a little differently.

Furl’s smart saving furniture, for example, offers a range of fantastic and aesthetically beautiful sleeping solutions, such as sofa beds, wall beds, and ottoman beds, and investing in one will mean you save a considerable amount of space in your small bedroom and still have a good night’s sleep. 

Magic Mirrors!

It has long since been known and accepted that the strategic placement of one or more mirrors in a smaller interior living space can do proverbial wonders for the sense of space and size one gets when walking through the door. 

In the bedroom, a mirror can have the dual functionality of helping you look your best for the day ahead when you are getting dressed and also creating the illusion of more space, especially in the corners of the bedroom. 


Just as the clever placement of mirrors can make a small bedroom both appear and feel considerably larger, so too can certain lighting fixtures and fittings.

The main thing to remember regarding the positioning of lights and lamps in your small bedroom is to get rid of any ceiling lights and any large freestanding lamps on the floor at the side of your bed and instead replace such fixtures with wall-hanging lights instead.

You can choose wall lights that are plugged in at the mains socket or else ones which are pre-wired or even battery charged, the latter type being perfect if you are someone who prefers not to have wires on show in your bedroom.