Natural and cultivated pearls both have their origins in the earth. The same care that you would provide to any other natural product is required to preserve their beauty over time. How then can you ensure the continued beauty of your pearls and pearl jewellery?

Lowered temperatures are recommended.

When a pearl is encased in the mother of pearl, it is really surrounded by many very thin layers of the mother of pearl. Conchine is the organic substance that binds these layers together. Drying out of the conchine, which occurs when a pearl is exposed to higher temperatures for an extended length of time, diminishes the pearl’s colour and lustre. So, keep your pearls in a cool place (not in the sun) and avoid wearing them when you’re tanning.

It’s best to stay away from chemicals.

The surface of a pearl is readily damaged by chemicals. Consider the chlorine in swimming pools, home detergents, and other cleaning supplies. However, the mother-of-pearl layer may be harmed not just by cosmetics, perfume, and sweat.

Consider this both before and after you put on your pearls.

Pearls should be worn just after a fresh shower, after applying any perfume or hairspray, and after finishing your makeup. Pearls should be cleaned with a gentle, wet cloth after each use, particularly pearl necklaces. If your pearls become dirty or oily, you may clean them with a tiny amount of alcohol. If you want to keep your pearl jewellery in pristine condition, you should never store it alongside any other kind of jewellery.

Preventative care for your pearl necklace

The conchine in the pearls’ outer layers will absorb some of the moisture from your skin if you wear Gold Pearl Earrings. Try to get some use out of your pearl necklace once or twice a year. Your pearls won’t become dried out if you do this.

Regularly used pearl necklaces should be cleaned once or twice yearly in lukewarm water using a moderate detergent. After that, let the necklace at least a day to dry out. In addition, once a year you should take your pearl necklace to a jeweller or goldsmith to have it professionally cleaned and the knots examined.

Keep your pearls in pristine condition by following these broad “rules of thumb.”

  • If you want to keep the mother-of-pearl coating from drying out, you should wear your pearl jewellery often.
  • Keep your pearls away from harsh chemicals such as those found in cosmetics, perfume, hairspray, and cleaning supplies.
  • If you wear pearl jewellery, take it off before getting in the water.
  • If you know you’re going to be doing anything that will make you sweat, take off your pearl jewellery.
  • In conclusion, after every time you wear your pearls, be sure to give them a thorough cleaning.
  • It’s best to keep your pearls apart from other jewellery to prevent damage.