Being one of the biggest generic medicine suppliers in the world, India houses stocks that generate excellent returns. Not only that, they are extremely popular amongst investors and are very driven by strong fundamentals. Pharma stocks are also considered suitable for top-down and bottom-down investing approaches. And if you want to know which pharma stocks would make the best pick for you in 2023, then do give this post a read. 


Cipla Limited is a popular company engaged in pharmaceuticals. They also happen to be a great pharma stock you can purchase in the long run. The segments of the company also include new ventures and pharmaceuticals. It is also engaged in manufacturing, selling, and selling generic medicines. It also includes Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). You can consider investing in this stock if you want to build a strong portfolio. The Cipla share price right now is ₹ 873. 

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise

Another India-based company that is known for providing hospital services, the company sells wellness and pharmacy products using a proper network of pharmacies. The company’s activities include multidisciplinary private hospital clinics, pharmacies, etc. It operates through two important segments: retail pharmacy as well as healthcare. The share price for Apollo Hospitals is ₹ 4,345.00.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

This is also a popular pharmaceutical India-based company that includes excellent pharmaceutical services, global genetics, aurigene discovery, proprietary products, technology, active ingredients, etc. And given the rise of infectious diseases and medical costs, pharma has been doing exceptionally well. So if good returns are your goal, here is where you should invest. The Dr. Reddy share price right now is ₹4,457.

Divi’s Laboratories

Another India-based organization, Divi’s Laboratories also engaged in selling and manufacturing various active ingredients, nutraceutical ingredients that have a predominance in some exports. So if you can’t decide what kind of pharma stock you want to purchase, you can get this stock by doing your own in-depth analysis and research regarding the same. The stock price for Divi’s Laboratories is 2,795.

Sun Pharma

Established in the year 1983, Sun Pharma is one of the biggest pharma established globally. It is also one of the biggest market leaders in India. The company also shows great profit growth in the past many years. The company has also shown great revenue growth over several years. Apart from this, trading is also available at quite a high PE.


So that was a look at some of the best stocks you can purchase in 2023. So if you’ve ever considered investing in this stock market, then you can consider this as an option. Pharmaceutical stocks are quite different compared to savings accounts, deposits, and money market funds. However, the principal value often keeps fluctuating often. So make sure to stay alert and analyze the market before you make any such decision. And if you want to get more such details on pharma stocks, keep following our blog posts.