The top food trends in the past year highlighted our objective of eating healthy for the sake of our bodies, the environment, and our wallets. 

We may anticipate that many of this year’s dining and food preferences will carry over into the new year and beyond, possibly claiming a permanent singmenu in our culinary world.

With so many trends coming and going, here are new ones to look forward to:

1. Frozen pizza dough

Another popular trend that hit the market is frozen pizza dough for cafes and bakeries. There is less waste and less manual labour to spend on with this. With frozen pizza dough, there is no need for expensive machines. 

It can be challenging to hire bakers and staff in general, especially with the present labour crisis. You won’t have to worry about hiring because the management of dough is very easy and convenient! 

Another advantage of cost cutting is that you will produce less garbage. Remove the amount of dough you’ll need for the next few days and keep it in the fridge until an hour before you’re ready to bake. Lower expenses equal less waste! 

In case you are interested in frozen pizza dough, you may check the website of Suprima.

2. Artisan doughnuts

The craftsmanship that goes into hand making artisan doughnuts distinguishes it from well-known doughnuts from commercial chains. Making brioche dough takes effort, but the flavour payoff is well worth it. These doughnuts have unique flavour combinations and are usually baked to order in small batches.

3. Smashed burgers 

Mom-and-pop burger joints were among the first food companies to take over as a result of Covid. People started looking for traditional and nostalgic cuisine

Burgers are simple and easy to prepare, but they are also delicious and filling. Smashed burgers are literally smashed meat patties that have been cooked and charred to a crisp, giving them a toasted and more developed flavour.

4. Korean corn dogs 

Korean street food has been popular among the younger demographic of foodies. Corn Dogs, a filling food item commonly found in Seoul’s night markets and sidewalks, have taken over the social media feeds of millennials and gen Z. 

Unlike American corndogs, Korean corn dogs can be filled with anything other than just hotdogs. There are also mozzarella cheese sticks, rice cakes, fish cakes, and even Spam! 

Another difference between Korean corn dogs and the Western variety is that cornmeal is not used in the batter. They’re instead covered in breadcrumbs, french fries, and sometimes, ramen noodles!


Participating in the newest restaurant trends can help get more people in the door. However, you and your team must then make them want to come back. 

Of course, exceptional customer service and good food are key to long-term consumer loyalty. To balance quality and consistency, you may need the courage to try these trends that may give you an advantage and help you stay on top of the latest restaurant trends.