Unlike many items people collect, purchasing fine jewelry is a true investment. If you take care of your jewelry items, they are likely to hold a good value indefinitely. Even during times of economic instability, precious metals and jewels are consistently in demand. When items are highly desired, they can be sold much more quickly. If you’re interested in investing in jewelry, what pieces make for the best investments? If you’re interested in selling jewelry, what items are in the highest demand?

Hunting For Vintage

Items over 20 but less than 100 years old are deemed vintage pieces. Vintage jewelry that has been well cared for is likely to be unique and interesting as well as highly desired. These items are the ones that may be hiding in your Great Aunt Mildred’s desk drawer. They may be heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Vintage jewelry can also be purchased in shops and from individuals all over the country. Do some research to learn about the pieces from the most sought-after designers as well as the years where they did their best work. Keep an eye out at consignment and thrift stores for distinctive pieces that may have value.

No matter if you are a collector, a business, or an owner looking to sell from your collection, you can’t go wrong with vintage pieces. If the jewelry is in good condition, you can often get top dollar for the items. Ensure that you have good Jewelry Store POS software so that you and your customer both have thorough records of the transaction.

Diamonds Are Your Best Friend

As the most desired gemstone on the planet, diamonds reign supreme among both serious collectors and soon-to-be-engaged individuals everywhere. These precious jewels weigh a lot less than pure gold, making it easy to have more diamonds without taking up much space. Diamonds are also always expected to continually increase in value, which is one of the most important aspects of investing.

As you can imagine, selling these precious stones is also very lucrative. Naturally made diamonds are extremely rare; about 125 million of these gems are mined each year despite the demand for them being much higher. If you choose to invest in diamonds for resale purposes, choose them based on quality rating as well as attractiveness.

Looking For the “Big Three”

After diamonds, three gemstones that are considered the most beautiful and rare investment jewels: emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. These days, it’s so difficult to find truly vibrant gems that they are often treated to give them improved color and beauty. While untreated gems are still preferable investments to treated ones, even treated jewels are likely to hold their value.

As a seller, it’s important to pay attention to details such as the mining location of the stones. Rubies from Burma, emeralds from Colombia, and sapphires from the Kashmir region are all highly coveted, and in some instances, these stones can be worth more than one million dollars.

Going For the Gold

As far as precious metals go, you can’t go wrong with gold. Similarly to gemstones, gold is likely to hold its value, making it a good option for investing. Gold also makes for excellent quality jewelry that will last the test of time. This makes them ideal options for family heirloom pieces. When purchasing gold items, be sure to look for 24 karat gold, which is the purest version of this metal that is in existence. It will always be more valuable than 14, 18, or 22 karat options due to its increased purity. Purchasing from a trusted vendor is essential to ensure that the gold that you obtain is pure and of great quality.

Fine jewelry can be a beautiful indulgence as well as a potentially lucrative investment. Making informed, careful decisions will help ensure that both buyers and sellers are satisfied and able to achieve their personal goals.