Today it is already difficult to imagine a business that does not use mobile applications and computer software. And we are talking not only about office work, but also about freelancing, programming, tourism, the construction industry, mechanical engineering, delivery service and many others. Each smartphone user uses from 10 to 50 different applications. Each of them is designed to solve a specific problem, for example, optimizing working time, tracking the work of employees, maintaining online communication at a distance, making plans and goals for the day, week, month, choosing and booking a hotel in another city. The popularity of applications is growing every year, and during the pandemic, demand in this industry has skyrocketed.

Along with the growing demand for software and mobile applications, the profession of a developer of these products is also becoming popular. Many companies have already realized the importance of having such a specialist in the team. Why is it so important to hire app developers today and how does this decision affect the business? Let’s understand the key PROS to hire a temporary or permanent employee for the development of mobile applications and / or software in your company.

What exactly is the difficulty of finding an application developer today?

HR managers are seeing increased competition in app developer circles. This can be understood, because getting a position in a prestigious company or temporarily working with a large client is the goal of every employee.

Modern business is in dire need of high-quality programs and software that can improve the image of their company, improve work and automate part of the processes, thereby saving employees time and increasing the profit of the enterprise. The difficulty for businessmen lies in the fact that it is now becoming increasingly difficult to find a qualified specialist faster than competitors. There is a real struggle for professionals who have experience in the domestic and foreign markets.

The complexity of finding application development also lies in the fact that the employer often makes this process too difficult. He complicates this by arranging a step-by-step interview, rather than immediately looking at examples of the person’s work that has already been done, and underestimating, as often happens, the “warmth” of the candidate. It is known that the development of applications requires relevant knowledge and skills, but no less important is the loyalty and sociability of the applicant – this is necessary for healthy communication.

When looking for an applicant for a job as an application developer, you should first of all pay attention to the “golden mean”. This stage is the screening and interview, as well as the provision of a test task. It is with the help of the latter that the candidate will be able to demonstrate his knowledge and experience, as well as show that he is worth something. Most employers neglect this because they think there is no time for a test task – but this is a mistake, because it can be done so professionally that it immediately makes it clear that this application developer is exactly the person the employer was looking for.

15 Proofs for Hiring an App Developer

If an employer can find a worthy candidate in the field of application creation, he will be very lucky, because he will receive a lot of benefits, including:

  1. Working knowledge of various software technologies. Experienced specialists have already managed to try their hand at working with different methods, technologies and programs, have honed their skills, which allows them to perform their work quickly and efficiently.
  2. Availability. Given the fierce competition in the market for mobile applications, websites and software, the prices for services are in a wide range. This allows you to find a professional in your field at an affordable price.
  3. Work from scratch. A specialist is able to independently create a full-fledged functional product. The developer will come up with an idea, create an interface, architecture, lay out user-friendly navigation, think over the logic and functionality of the application.
  4. Ability to adapt to different conditions. The specialist will be able to work independently on the project or, if necessary, in a team. This is beneficial for companies that are looking for an additional reliable employee to their team to perform specific tasks together with other narrowly focused specialists.
  5. Knowledge of programming languages. Today, employers are looking for employees who speak JavaScript, Python, and Java, which are still among the most popular among their variety. Such developers are 70% more in demand than those who know only one programming language.
  6. Development of the program life cycle. The developer is able to develop different scenarios for the reaction of his product to different situations, for example, when a device receives a call, an alert comes, some programs will be updated, and others. This will prevent any errors and crashes while the application is running.
  7. They can work remotely or in the office. This is convenient if the company does not have a free workplace in the company, but wants to hire a new employee to develop programs. In this case, he can do everything at home or in any other place remotely, sending online progress reports to the manager.
  8. Formation of instructions. Can write technical documentation, instructions for downloading, installing and using the product. This will make it easier to get to know and work with the new application.
  9. Increasing sales. For companies that are engaged in retail sales, mobile applications can become one of the most effective sources of product sales. Statistics confirm that 47% of purchases are made by users through mobile applications. This can be understood, because a person’s phone is always at hand, and if there is a need for any product or service, their search and purchase is carried out through this gadget. It’s convenient and fast.
  10. You can get unique application features. These programs are characterized by higher conversion and better sales than websites, because they are more comfortable to use, you can do it anywhere, even if you are on public transport, and they are also faster – downloads are many times faster than on a computer.
  11. The developer with the help of his product will make sure that customers make repeat purchases. It’s convenient to use the same application, the interface and functionality of which has already been studied. A smartphone user will download it and remember the appearance of the icon. Once he used it to buy goods, he uses the same program again if necessary.
  12. You can increase customer loyalty. Today, those companies are in great demand and popularity, which can offer their customers their services in a mobile format.
  13. Automation of business processes. In the company, applications help automate many routine, constantly repeating actions. This, in turn, will allow employees to free up part of the working day for other, more important tasks.
  14. Make a good connection with the client. Mobile applications help to simplify communication with consumers, and it is constant communication that is a very important condition for communication today.
  15. Make a payment system. Today, most people prefer to pay for services and goods from a smartphone, without leaving home or while at the office or while on the road.

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