If you have found it difficult to get adequate rest at night, you may eventually feel your daily life impacted by this critical condition. Taking the time to improve the quality of your sleep is easy. The best place to start is with your mattress, Costco’s current mattress selection is huge. Follow these simple tips below to gear your daily activities to a more restful night’s sleep. But before moving ahead, we would also suggest you to check myisense.com for an amazing variety of mattresses with great quality.  

1. Turn off the lights — not just the main lights in the home, lighting from computer and mobile device displays, radio clocks, and other lights. If your curtains are not properly eliminating the light on your roof, try using a sleep mask.  

2. Unplug yourself — using your TV, mobile device, or computer can expose you to an artificial blue light that can be critical to your sleep quality. Avoiding the use of specific devices as you prepare for bed can improve your sleep and allow you to sleep deeper and faster.  

3. Go to bed at a good time — don’t jump from writing your dissertation to your bed in one fell swoop. Take the time to allow your body to get ready for sleep properly. The last thing you want is to lie in bed restless because your body is not ready for sleep yet. This doesn’t have to be a full hour before bed — although that would be optimal — begin with smaller intervals of 15 to 20 minutes.  

4. Set a Sleep Schedule — going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time each day is a good way to enjoy high-quality sleep. The body seeks a natural rhythm set by your circadian clock. This clock sets the course of your day including hours of high energy and hours of low energy. If you align your sleep habits to your natural cycles, you will feel energetic during the day and fall right to sleep at night.  

5. Keep it cool — studies have shown that sleeping in a room that is too hot or too cold can make it more difficult to sleep comfortably.  

6. Cut back the caffeine & alcohol — try limiting your intake of these substances before bedtime. Caffeine can stimulate the nervous system making you energetic and antsy when you are trying to sleep. Alcohol may seem to help you fall into a blissful sleep, but it counteracts the chemical processes that allow you to sleep well. This can lead to a lot of rolling around and tossing and turning in the night.  

7. Get active — if you want to sleep well at night, try using up your total supply of daily energy. If you go to bed having spent all your energy in the day, you will find it almost impossible to stay awake. But don’t exercise too close to bedtime or you will still be alert and active for hours into the night.  

8. Stay positivestress can be a killer of sleep and your very life, but the antidote is a heart filled with happiness and gratitude for all that you have and that you are. Look for ways to enjoy the good things in life before you sleep — a walk in the evening starlight, a breathing exercise, even a kiss from your partner.