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Shoes are an item in the wardrobe that need the most care. And the show owners insist on it! The delicate leather and fabric must care for to last a long time. However, if you have invested in higher-quality leather shoes, you may need less time. They are less prone to damage due to the high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing process. But whatever is the case, you will always need a shoe care regime to keep your shoes lasting! Also, Golf Shoes are one of the best options that stay longer and durable.

Here we have a list of tips and tricks to let your shoes shine for a longer duration 

Protect them from scratches and scuffs by doing the following: 

Scratches can dull the lustre of your shoes, no matter how shiny they are. Particularly, leather shoes can develop scuffs and scratches due to normal wear and tear. The leather is similar to the skin on our bodies, so they need similar care. We’ll need to use a specific shoe cream on them. After a couple of hours of using your shoe, apply the shoe polish and polish them. Instead, you could use vaseline or baby cream. 

Maintain a constant temperature: 

Drying your shoes on a radiator is never a good idea. Shoes should be allowed to dry for 24 to 48 hours. It is preferable to dry them in the sun. You should keep them away from high temperatures to avoid deformation. That’s why you should have two pairs of shoes for each season so that you can wear one while the other dries. 

You can use a hairdryer instead if you don’t have time to wait or don’t have another pair of shoes. However, keep in mind that you can only use cold air mode. 

Use Toothpaste for the shoe soles: 

Toothpaste can be used to whiten shoe soles. For a few minutes, use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to clean the soles of your shoes. You’ll notice a significant improvement! 

This is the most basic yet effective shoe care tip. 

Making use of a shoehorn: 

Using a shoehorn daily is a friendly and beneficial practice that can help you avoid various problems. If you don’t use a shoehorn, the back of your shoes will lose shape quickly and won’t provide enough support for your ankle, potentially leading to injury and calluses. If you don’t have a shoehorn, any plastic card will suffice; it will allow your foot to glide in easily. 

Store your shoes properly:  

Keep your shoes out of direct sunlight. Ensure they place them in a dust-free bag to protect them from dust and sunlight and maintain their elegance. Good quality bags can also help the shoes retain their shape, soak up moisture, and have antibacterial properties to remove odour. 

Treat the wet shoes properly:  

shoes are not designed to be directly exposed to wet weather conditions. If your shoes are wet, gently dry them and place a piece of newspaper inside to absorb excess moisture. And, no matter how tempting it is, never use a hairdryer on the shoes to speed up the process! Allowing the leather to dry slowly will improve its appearance. 

Always use Correct shoe Care Products:  

Not all products are intended for all types of shoes. For instance, leather shoes will require different shoe care products, while nylon or PU shoes will require different cleaning products. Polished smooth leather boots are typically treated differently than suede leather boots. 

 So, knowing which items are for which purposes is sufficient. Remove any laces and use a dry rag to wipe down the leather to remove dust, clean, and condition the smooth leather. Buff a small amount of leather conditioner onto the surface with your fingers or a soft rag until there is no visible dust left. 

Even though you have different shoes for different days and events, you should never leave your lovely shoes without maintenance. Shoe care is essential as they are your SOLEmates, so give them the attention they deserve. Well-maintained shoes are a vital element of your overall look. Why spend time and effort fine-tuning your clothing to have ugly shoes to go with it?  

Regular maintenance is as necessary as maintaining your fine knits and delicate silks. It is something you need to make time for.  

Bonus tip for shoe care: Keep a shoe care kit with polish, applicator, brushes, cotton wipes, and waterproofing sprays. It will be helpful if you bring it out every time with you.