Nobody comes as studious from mother’s lap everyone has to study to go in any field like studies, business, games, etc. you become perfect when you doing the practice of particular field because practice makes a man perfect. Due to smartphones many things you get in the home instead of going outside or taking coaching like cookery, operating apps, to play games online. Now rummy is very popular to play online. No doubt it is an ancient game and in ancient times people play rummy in any corner of the market or home. But now playing it online many new rummy game are available. which saves time and entertains you on the spot. Some remarkable tips Are as follows:

·       Obtaining sequence: The first step is to obtain a pure sequence at least once. Because if you have a pure sequence you have a chance to win, but it doesn’t matter to make only one if you have a chance to make others must make and make your game stronger. So keep in mind first step is to obtain pure sequence.

·       Collection of joker:  You must collect joker after making the sequence because you can secure yourself and make less chance to your opponent, must keep in mind if you have more jokers you have more chance to win. So second it to the main motive collection of a joker.

·       Don’t hold a card too long: Some time you feel with this color you make your game on high value but you can’t make sequences with this card on that time you may discard a card because it is wise the decision to go for another sequence and don’t stay with one card for so long.

·       Judge your opponent: Must remember your opponent is which card he/she discarding and which are picking because if you see wisely and without any ignorance you can judge your opponent easily and you may play easily and win the game.

·       Bluffing: Sometimes you invest money in-game you  feel your game has a low value point and you don’t want to move or quit also at that time you may play bluff also and sometime it works perfectly and opponent confidence lose and you get a chance to win.

·       Don’t be greedy: Some people play game many continuous hours and earn money mainly free person and they feel easy money making they spend their lot of time on it and earn but sometimes games give reverse effect and sometimes you may lose and at that time some people take a bid of the house or precious things and result lose, so don’t be greedy.

Everyone who is playing the game must read its tips and make fake practices then play with money but within limits because you may suffer loss if you become greedy. It is an entertaining game you can’t say your daily wages or monthly income depend upon rummy. So must keep in mind first to make a sequence and play with full confidence and confidence will come when you make practices and all.