DC’s Stargirl, played on screen by Brec Bassinger, is now and its third season on The CW. If you are a regular viewer, you know what the character has been up to for the last two years. However, did you know that she also has a long history in comics?

Gearing up for season 3, expected to be released in late summer or early fall 2022, we have put together some background information on the comic book character, created by Geoff Johns, that inspired the show. As you can see, the latest hero in the DC universe goes way back in terms of comic books and television portrayals.

Things You May Not Know About Courtney Whitmore (AKA Stargirl)

Stargirl follows in the footsteps of a larger tapestry of heroes. Others have wielded the cosmic power she possesses, beginning with Starman Ted Knight. There were numerous men from multiple universes who inherited the power but Courtney, is the first woman to wear the mantle. How she comes into her role is something you can find out by watching Stargirl Season 1.

What’s the Story Behind the Cosmic Staff?

The cosmic staff gives Stargirl her powers. Only a select few can use the staff and tap into its incredible powers, and Courtney Whitmore happens to be one of them. The cosmic staff has a long history of its own prior to landing in Stargirl’s capable hands.

The cosmic staff can change into other weapons and started out as a cosmic rod. Courtney encounters the staff during a critical episode and it becomes the source of her power. She also wields the staff while battling villains.

Stargirl Was Originally the Star-Spangled Kid

In the comic books, Courtney Whitmore chose Star-Spangled Kid as her superhero name. The name had a personal connection to her family. In the original comics, her stepfather acts as a sidekick to help her fight Nazis.

In the comics, Pat Dugan, Stargirl’s stepdad, is the superhero sidekick named Stripesy. He built robot armor and rebranded himself as S.T.R.I.P.E., and his efforts were extremely valuable to Stargirl in battles against the enemy!

To find out more about the series, rewatch Season 1 and Season 2 while you’re waiting for Season 3 to air on HBO Max later this year. With a new villain and most of the current cast returning, it promises to be even more exciting in Blue Valley for Geoff Johns’ Stargirl. Alternatively, you can buy comic book if you want to know more about how her character evolved in the comics.