Women’s vogue is pretty amazing. With hundreds of trends, thousands of apparel varieties and a zillion ideas to organize the wardrobe, the women’s fashion world is just superb! While shopping for fabulous outfits needs an expert’s vision, establishing a worthy wardrobe that doesn’t leave you high and dry without clothes any time is an equally tricky business to deal with.

Right from your attires to your accessories, from handbags to hats, from jewelry to shoes, your wardrobe should lodge every item without the slightest harm. In this guide, we will talk about what to keep in mind while designing a wardrobe for girls. These tips will give you a stunning wardrobe design suited to your bedroom and style and accommodate all your fashion essentials.

Below are the top five things to consider while designing a wardrobe for girls:

First –  know everything, all the types of clothes, footwear, and other accessories

With the changing trends, there’s quite a possibility that your wardrobe’s appearance also changes with the season’s trend. Therefore, before finalizing the design of your wardrobe, you must consider the type of clothes, footwear, and accessories to house in it. Let’s understand this by talking about the trends of girls clothing Australia.

The present Aussie ladies prefer maximum the tent dress, the hoodies, the unstructured blazer, the square-toe shoes, and the dad sneakers. The wardrobe must have more shoe racks, extra hanging space, and many hangers.

In the general notion, understanding all types of garments, accessories, and footwear you might need in different seasons (autumn, fall, winter, and summer collection varies) will help you design a multi-functional wardrobe. While you can fit in all the things at once in it, when needed, you can shuffle them internally depending on the season if known in advance.

Second – count the total number of items to be sheltered in the wardrobe.

Once you know all the vogue essentials you have to fit in your wardrobe, it’s time to get the numbers. Count how many actual pairs of outfits you have and note down the total number of shoes. It will help you determine how many shoe racks you have to build and how much space you allocate to your outfit shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Counting the numbers also helps you in dividing the entire wardrobe space into two portions:

One for clothes, and

another for shoes and accessories.

But, to divide the wardrobe this way, it is super important to count the total items. Only based on that can you define whether to divide in a 50-50 portion, 25-75 portion, 60-40 portion, or any other special arrangement is to be made.

Third – define the need for shelves, drawers, cabinets, and hooks.

You already know what all you have as well as its total count. So now is the time to divide your wardrobe space into shelves, drawers, cabinets, and hooks. If you have numerous handbags and you furniture more drawers, your wardrobe is useless in this case. Hence, you must always divide your room intelligently into cabinets, drawers, shelves, and hooks.

Fourth – make separate arrangements for folding clothes.

Yes, that is a must! Your knits and sweaters are the unique members of your closet. That’s why you must treat them specially. You can’t hang your sweaters and knits to protect them from tangling in the hangers. The only best option to place your sweaters and knits in the wardrobe is folding them all and piling them up neatly.

You might argue why knowing this is necessary at the time of designing the wardrobe? Simply because, if you have an ample amount of foldable clothes, you will get an idea of making more shelves in the cabinet for them when designing itself!

Fifth – don’t forget to spare space for your particular requirements.

It is crucial. Your wardrobe isn’t only about clothes, footwear, and accessories (of course, it covers the central part.) However, when designing, you might want to give a thought to any of your unique desires to be incorporated into your wardrobe. You can look at this picture and understand what we mean by special arrangements.

Many people design their wardrobes inclusive of a bathroom. It takes an extra space but looks splendid. Similarly, some fashion enthusiasts place more than one mirror in the closet to make themselves happy with their vogue. Another special arrangement is establishing a chair, and ottoman beside the shoe stand to make footwear trouble-free.

If you also have bizarre yet beautiful wishes, you should keep them in mind while designing your wardrobe. Because once done, we think you might not invest any bucks in your closet at least for a year again!


Picking clothes is an art. Likewise, establishing a creative place to store them is also an art. There are thousands of other factors like designing the door, the size of your bedroom wardrobe, its color, theme, lighting, and what not! But if you consider these five things seriously, rest everything will fall into its place automatically. We know you are a genius creator, and you’ll create a masterpiece only. We hope that these five tips help you during your wardrobe designing journey.