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Employees are unquestionably one of the most vital components of any company or business. While it’s not always easy to manage people, you must make an effort to keep them engaged. You must also show them that the company values their contributions. That’s why employee recognition is very important.  

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Managers need to realize that they’re dealing with people, not robots. While the work is important, keep in mind that your team members are human at the end of the day. People have feelings and emotions. They want to feel appreciated and to know that their contributions matter. Developing a culture of staff recognition in the workplace makes it possible for employees to feel seen, wanted, and heard.  

Why Employee Recognition Matters 

Why do you need to recognize your workers’ efforts? Keep on reading to learn more.

  1. Increased Morale  

Engaged employees are likely to be more productive than those who aren’t. Showing appreciation for team or employee achievements goes a long way in improving morale. Happy workers will be more productive, which ultimately benefits the business. So, it’s in every company’s net interest to develop a culture of recognition. 

  1. Higher Productivity  

People are more productive when they are driven to work. It’s okay to have high expectations of your team. But remember that it’s equally necessary to acknowledge their achievements and good work. It motivates people to work harder, which is beneficial to the company. 

  1. Higher Employee Retention 

Employees that feel valued are more likely to stay with your organization for a long time. Unfortunately, not all companies have a culture of recognition. As a result, employees aren’t always satisfied with their jobs. When individuals are dissatisfied, they depart to seek greener pastures elsewhere. So, if a company wants to retain great talent, it must treat them well and make them feel appreciated.  

Ways To Recognize Employees 

Want to know how you can effectively applaud the work all of your employees have done for the company? Check out some of the examples below.

  1. Celebrate Achievements 

You need to develop a celebratory culture in your business. Each company has its own culture and manner of doing things. Some are more formal than others. Nonetheless, regardless of where you lie on that spectrum, it’s critical to celebrate your people, whether it’s with crystal trophies or other forms of recognition.

For example, if a long-term employee departs, consider having a farewell party. There are many going away party ideas for coworker you can explore. Also, if your sales staff achieves record sales in a given month, don’t ignore it. Instead, make a big deal of it and celebrate your achievement. This demonstrates how much you value them and their contributions to the success of your organization.  

  1. Gift Cards  

Gifts are also a great way to show recognition. Ideally, you’d want gifts to be randomly given for them to be a surprise. But it just depends on the situation. Nevertheless, gift cards can be a great way to show appreciation to employees, particularly those that work remotely.  

  1. Social Media Recognition  

Social media could be just the perfect platform to recognize staff because social media platforms have a sizable audience. When team members get recognized for something on social media, they’ll feel really valued. They’ll be noticed by their peers and those who follow your business on social media.  

  1. Take Them Out For Lunch  

Taking your employees out to lunch might go a long way toward expressing your gratitude. It doesn’t even have to be complicated. This demonstrates to employees that you care. It also shows your desire to make them feel valued. Alternatively, you might order lunch for your office team. 

  1. Be Generous With Positive Feedback 

It’s often the case that teams hold meetings regularly. These meetings are a good time to give shout-outs to your team members. If a team member has achieved something, mention it before the group. It helps to make employees feel seen.  

  1. Say Thank You 

Never underestimate the impact of a simple ‘thank you.’ It goes a long way. A genuine ‘thank you’ might mean so much more to someone than you realize. People want to feel appreciated. 

Be thankful when someone does anything nice for you or helps you. Try not to be stingy with your gratitude. A simple ‘thank you’ will not cost you anything. Give thanks generously.  


Employee recognition is one of the most important aspects of leadership that organizations should build into their culture. Good organizations understand that employees are important and do what they can to make them feel valued. When people feel valued, it motivates them to work harder. Therefore, managers should understand the importance of giving positive feedback and celebrating team and individual achievements.