Working women tend to face challenges when taking time out for fitness.  The stress of juggling home and work can be pretty intense. But taking out time for personal care to stay physically and mentally fit is crucial. So here are a few practical fitness tips to make sure you are healthy and in shape. 

Set A Goal

The first and foremost step towards fitness is fixing a goal. Remember, setting a goal is quite different from having a purpose for adopting a fitness regimen. For example, your motivation could be to shed some extra pounds. But, setting a more specific target, say losing 5 kg in 30 days, helps you look for the best ways to achieve it. This way, you can curate a regimen that best works for your specific goal for the best results.

Goal setting should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These goals will help you watch the results of your efforts regularly, which will motivate you to work harder. 

Fix Your Diet  

Diet plays a critical role in determining your fitness. No matter your workouts, you cannot have a healthy body and witness results for your efforts unless you complement it with the proper diet.

Starting from the first and the most important meal of the day, never skip breakfast. The morning hassle might seem like it’s practically pulling you out of your home. But skipping the meal will not only leave you tired and hungry barely halfway into the day but will also impact your overall health significantly. Choose simple recipes that are light and nutritious. A little dose of glucose in the morning can go a long way toward keeping you active and happy all day.

Try to reduce junk foods. Introducing oily foods in your everyday meals can affect your immune system and workouts. The craving to munch on fried snacks during a team discussion is real. But switching these with healthy alternatives like nuts, salads, juices can help you stay in shape. You can also try some nutritious and delicious options like the best selling CBD gummies brimming with nutrients and cannabinoids to support a healthy lifestyle.


Water is an essential component for the body to ensure fitness.  Workouts cause sweating that eliminates water from the system. Therefore, drinking water at regular intervals to revive the balance will help you avoid dehydration.

Apart from regularly hydrating with water, include tender coconut water or other water-based fruit juices to increase the fluids and other nutrients. 

Stay Active All Day

Simple choices you make in your day-to-day life can intensely impact your overall fitness level. For example, try taking the stairs instead of the lift at work and home. Try to add maximum steps to your day by taking short walks or cycling to a nearby store. Avoid staying hooked to your desk during the workday. Take short breaks in between to relax and walk around your office.

Chart A Practical Workout Plan

One of the most common mistakes most professional women make regarding fitness is not creating a practical plan. It leads to them missing out on the workout quite often and eventually losing motivation to continue. 

Design a healthy, fun, practical exercise plan before you start. A proper exercise plan is critical to bring discipline. It also keeps you motivated every time you keep up with it. Begin with workouts at least twice a week. If you feel like adding in more days, you can make these four days.  Plan what type of exercises to perform during this time. It could be cardio, or HIIT, or strength training.To achieve your fitness goals, you can create an effective workout plan together with your gym coach or personal trainer with the help of a personal training booking software.

Do not repeat the same workout every time. The moves will become muscle memory, thus reducing the involvement of the mind any further. Try to be creative and include fun activities along with workouts. Fill up the rest of your week except for one rest day with at least 30 mins of activity. This could be walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, trekking, or even some fun dance move. Don’t overdo it to cope with any workout days you missed. Instead, believe in consistency, and you will see good results. 

Try Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful physical workout that helps improve the body’s flexibility and build muscle strength while correcting your posture and soothing your mind and soul. Yoga is a great choice, especially for working women, as it can fit in your tight schedules and would not require intense dieting as well. You can combine meditation with yoga for at least five to ten minutes a day. Together, it can help improve focus, concentration and increase oxygen delivery to the blood to energize you.

Invest In Workout Equipment

Rushing to the gym every day is the biggest nightmare for any working professional. Most days, the idea of going out again to the gym after an intense workday tends to take away the motivation to work out. In that case, create a small and effective home gym with simple equipment to help with workouts.

Kettlebells, dumbbells, yoga mats, and vertical bars are good investments for home workouts. You can choose them based on space availability and your choice of workouts. They can help try out several variations of simple exercises that can increase strength and flexibility. 


Fitness for professionals can be quite tricky. But with the right tips and tricks, you can stay healthy and in shape even during tight work schedules. Try these amazing fitness tips for a happy and healthy life.