Tired from the continually humming capital of Belgrade? Searching for a simple roadtrip from Novi Miserable? Or then again maybe you’re hoping to be motivated by perhaps of Serbia’s most gorgeous city?

Look no further: this Subotica travel guide has all that you really want to be familiar with this ravishing Craftsmanship Nouveau wonderland!

Despite the fact that Subotica is situated in northern Serbia (only a couple of kilometers from the Hungarian boundary), maybe you’re in a completely unique country.

Subotica’s blend of sweets shaded pastel structures and mind boggling Workmanship Nouveau engineering is a high priority on your excursion to Serbia — and Subotica is a must-visit city on any Balkan schedule! I’m certain you’ll likewise concur once you visit.

Ideal for …
Craftsmanship nouveau design – Unassuming community feel – A roadtrip from Novi Miserable … or a visit while heading to Hungary!

Bordertowns are in many cases all in or all out places: once in a while you’ll end up where there’s a lovely blend of the two societies and a lot of activities (like Strasbourg), and different times, it’s simply a town where pretty much nothing remains to be finished and you can hardly hold back to cross the boundary.

Fortunately, Subotica most certainly has a place with the principal class!

The city is a brilliant place to pause in the event that you’re heading out from Hungary to Serbia, going the other way around (Serbia to Hungary), or simply need to look at a cool city.

Truth be told, Subotica makes for a fantastic roadtrip from Novi Miserable (60 minutes) or even Belgrade (2 hours), despite the fact that I energetically suggest remaining for the time being — believe me.

Other than being strategically placed, Subotica offers a brilliantly comfortable air that is ordinarily tracked down in urban communities of a similar size. At the point when you’re here, the clock moves more slow, as though to give you additional (opportunity) to absorb the environment, all things considered,

In any case, that is not even the most amazing aspect. Subotica makes certain to enchant you with its lovely Workmanship Nouveau engineering, which there is a lot of. Because of Subotica’s brilliant age during the 1800s to mid 1900s, the city is brimming with vivid, complex, and exceptional structures on virtually every corner.

How long do I want in Subotica?
One entire day is sufficient to get a fair of the city, despite the fact that on the off chance that you appreciate humble communities or engineering, you’ll require two days (which you can join with an excursion to the close by town of Palić!).

Step by step instructions to GET TO SUBOTICA
From Novi Miserable to Subotica – This is the most widely recognized way that individuals travel to Subotica, since they’re both significant vacationer urban areas and inside close distance to one another. It costs around 500 to 900 RSD (about $5 to $9 USD) and requires 2 hours. Notwithstanding, a fair warning: plan nothing on a tight timetable in Subotica, since the bus stations on various occasions and is more slow than you’d anticipate.

There’s likewise the choice to take the train, which is somewhat more slow.

From Belgrade to Subotica – You can likewise take the transport from Belgrade to Subotica, which will cost around 1,000 to 1,300 SRD ($10 to $13 USD) and take around 3.5 to 4.5 hours. Be that as it may, I strongly suggest doing Belgrade – > Novi Miserable – > Subotica all things being equal, since you’ll burn through about a similar measure of cash and get to visit another city. 🙂

FROM Different Nations
From Budapest to Subotica-Because of its area close to the boundary, Subotica is a phenomenal prologue to Serbia in the event that you’re coming from Hungary.

You can either drive from Budapest to Subotica (around 3 hours) or take the Budapest-Subotica train. The train takes around 4 to 5 hours and comprises of two legs: you’ll take the main train to Kelebia (the nearest town to the boundary), change trains, go through visa control, and afterward take the last 20-ish minute excursion to Subotica.

From Timisoara to Subotica – Shock! In the event that you’re finished going through Romania, you can head to Subotica (around 2 hours) from Timisoara and afterward drive south to investigate the remainder of Serbia.

Because of Subotica’s little size, getting around is a breeze! The majority of the city’s attractions are inside strolling distance of one another — and, probably, from your convenience also. Subotica can undoubtedly be investigated by foot.

Nonetheless, if you need to visit Palić (a delightful lakeside town), your smartest option is to get a taxi that can be tracked down close to the Municipal center.

What should be done IN SUBOTICA
Subotica is perhaps of the most notable city in Serbia on account of its enchanting air and design. As a matter of fact, it has the most Craftsmanship Nouveau structures in the whole nation and is visited by specialists and creatives searching for motivation!

In the event that you love tone, fascinating structures, curious towns, or a blend of the three, then, at that point, you’re certain to become hopelessly enamored with this charming city! Here are probably the best activities in Subotica to kick you off:

Raichle Royal residence (above)- Is this not the most lovely structure you’ve found in your life? It seems as though it came straight out of a retro fantasy!

Assuming you’re fortunate to show up in Subotica via train, this is generally the principal constructing that you’ll see as you leave the train station. 🙂

The historical backdrop of the castle returns more than quite a while back, when it was inherent 1904 as a family royal residence for Ferenc Raichle, a popular Serbian-Hungarian designer.

When you enter through the heart-formed doors, you’ll be struck at how huge the structure truly is. Truth be told, it fit Raichle’s building office on the ground floor, as well as a lounge area, dance hall, parlor, room and restroom, and, surprisingly, a kids’ room. Tragically, Mr. Raichle didn’t have a lot of chance to partake in his ah, it feels good to be back home, as he failed a couple of years after the fact.

Fortunately, a large portion of the first themes and enrichments have been saved and, starting around 1970, the structure has been utilized to house the Cutting edge Workmanship Exhibition of Subotica! In the event that you’re desiring motivation — either as classic Craftsmanship Nouveau design or contemporary figures — I energetically suggest a visit.

Subotica Place of worship – The Subotica Temple was casted a ballot as perhaps of the most lovely temple in Europe, and seeing why is not hard. From the vivid tulips and roses painted on the façade to the brilliant stained glass, crisscross examples on the rooftop, and splendid varieties all through, maybe a delightful work of art showed some major signs of life.

The Subotica Temple is the main enduring Hungarian craftsmanship nouveau Jewish spot of love on the planet. Nonetheless, the regional government put cash into reproduction in 2018 and, on account of this, visitors can visit the gathering place. Since it’s a functioning temple, make certain to check in with the specialist to ensure you’re visiting when there’s not a help occurring. 🙂

Stroll along Korzo Road – Likewise well known for being the super common road of Subotica, Korzo Road is the spot to see and be seen. Fun reality: the word ‘korzo’ signifies a gathering place, typically comprising of several blocks, where individuals would get together and walk.

Getting started at around 300 meters from start (Trg Sloboda) to get done (Park Ferenca Rajhla), the road isn’t genuinely lengthy however has many beautiful pastel-hued structures. Truth be told, one of the most renowned ‘inhabitants’ of this road is the Previous Brilliant Sheep Inn, which offers an extraordinary plot for taking photographs.

See the lovely Craftsmanship Nouveau structures — Still can’t get enough of this wonderful engineering? The following are a couple of more priority Craftsmanship Nouveau structures in Subotica:

📍 City Library – What other place might you at any point get welcomed by two buff fellows on lions at the entry of a library? Just here! Yet, truly: this radiant yellow structure is intriguing all around (particularly assuming you have the opportunity to look at the blue-green blue inside!) Address: Cara Dušana 2

📍 Subotica Reserve funds Bank Royal residence – Have you at any point seen the words ‘bank’ and ‘castle’ together in a similar sentence? Presently you have! Albeit tragically there’s no bank here any longer (it’s currently involved by a book shop), you can in any case see the first society workmanship themes and stone carvings, which was a unique case in Subotica’s engineering once upon a time. Address: Korzo 4

📍 Dušan Stojković Royal residence – Albeit the historical backdrop of this spot isn’t as long as the others recorded here, this building has one extremely fascinating element: a sound window with shell ‘holding’ it under! Address: Trg republike 10

Assuming that you see some other Craftsmanship Nouveau-style structures (or simply some cool design!) not referenced here, if it’s not too much trouble, share in that frame of mind beneath! 🙂

Subotica City Lobby – After you’ve seen Subotica from beneath, now is the right time to see it from high above!

Guests can go up to pinnacle to see an astonishing perspective on the city, remembering the Blue Wellspring for front of the city corridor.

Facilities IN SUBOTICA
Since it’s a humble community, the greater part of the facilities in Subotica are guesthouses or loft rentals. In any case, there’s compelling reason need to stress — most of these spots are profoundly evaluated and have great hosts, in addition to extra conveniences like free stopping, a kitchen, and a clothes washer!

⭐️ TOP PICK ⭐️

Boki Apartmant — This was where we remained during our excursion to Subotica, and it was the ideal method for getting in the Workmanship Nouveau mind-set that Subotica is popular for. Found a couple of moments from the middle, Boki is a charming minimal retro condo with traces of sweetness from the 1970’s. Despite the fact that it’s reduced, Boki has all that you want — including a lot of manuals and handouts about what to see in Subotica!
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