Recently, old reports about Starbucks defrauding its clients by serving similar measure of espresso in cups of various sizes were resuscitated, because of a reemerged video. Starbucks offers its clients refreshments three sizes – tall (cups that can hold around 354 ml), grande (473 ml) and venti (591 ml). The video, notwithstanding, has fuelled tales that the café chain is defrauding its clients since cups of each of the three sizes hold a similar measure of fluid, yet clients pay more while requesting bigger sizes.

The video shows a man pouring fluid from a little, straightforward Starbucks cup into a bigger cup. The more modest cup is filled to its edge, and one would anticipate that the fluid should just somewhat fill the bigger cup whenever it is moved. Shockingly, the video shows that the bigger Starbucks cup is additionally filled to the edge.

Reality checking site Snopes explored the video and exposed it as a trick.

As per Snopes, the maker presumably utilized a glass with a misleading base or altered the video beguilingly to give the feeling that different estimated cups held a similar measure of fluid.

In one more cycle of this trick, a video professing to show that little, medium and enormous cups at McDonald’s undeniably held a similar measure of fluid likewise became a web sensation a long time back. The video was exposed as a trick by Snopes, noticing that the medium and enormous sizes were pre-loaded up with fluid.

To expose this famous talk, two YouTubers visited a Starbucks outlet on Tuesday (May 31, 2022) to test the actual hypothesis. They found that bigger cups held more fluid than more modest cups, effectively invalidating ‘trick’ claims.