Now that the weather is improving and the nights are lighter, dining al fresco has never been more attractive. 

You’ve done the hard work – you’ve cut the grass, tidied the borders, and washed down the patio. But is your outside dining set ready to host? 

If you are in the market for a new outdoor dining set, read on to see which type is best for your garden – you’ll be ready for al fresco dining in no time. 

Do I need an outside dining set?

As the name implies, outside dining sets can be used for eating outdoors. However, they can be used for much more, especially in the warmer months, including, but not limited to:

  • Relaxing outdoors 
  • Reading 
  • Completing homework or paperwork 
  • Sunbathing 
  • Enjoying drinks, from coffee in the morning right through to cocktail hour in the evening 
  • Holding washing while you put it on the line 

As such, getting an outside dining set can be a great investment as they are very versatile and come in a size or design perfect for gardens of any type. 

Which style of outdoor dining table is right for me? 

When looking at outside dining sets, you’re likely to have a choice of either modern or more traditional styles. 

Which you choose is up to you and depends predominantly on the kind of outdoor space you have and which you prefer. 

Traditional outside dining sets 

Usually featuring natural materials such as rattan, which is then woven to create the wicker effect, traditional outside dining sets can look timeless and elegant. 

While the weave can look delicate, it is incredibly hardwearing to the elements and can provide a comfortable chair perfect for whiling away a sunny evening. 

Top tip: Some rattan seats can leave patterns on the skin once people have sat in them for a while, so most people choose to top the seats with cosy outdoor cushion pads. These can be in a complementary or contrasting colour, it’s up to you! 

Modern outside dining sets

More modern dining sets feature streamlined materials such as metals, plastics, and glass. 

These materials give sharper finishes with fewer small details, giving a contemporary feel. 

There is a vast array of styles available with modern materials, from seaside chic to the more formal and business-like. 

Similarly, for those looking for a splash of colour, modern outside dining sets can be ideal. Whether you go for an eye-catching red, or an on-trend grey, you can choose from colour options that suit your garden and your personality best. 

How to dress your new outside dining set 

Once your new outside dining set has arrived, you can use the perfect décor items to set the scene for your al fresco adventure. 

  • Candles and lanterns – great for mood lighting, candles and lanterns give your dining area a soft glow that keeps the party going when the light starts to fade. We love solar lanterns that can charge throughout the day and glow through the night and citronella candles that smell great and keep the bugs away. 
  • Flowers and green arrangements – for a cottage-core touch, add a bunch of wildflowers or use flowers grown in your own garden to decorate the table. Hosting guests with hay fever? Swap flowers for fragrant greenery like eucalyptus and lemon verbena or try herbs such as rosemary and thyme to keep the sneezes at bay.
  • Tablecloths, napkins, and charger plates – to instantly create a more upmarket feel, choose a selection of tablecloths, napkins, and charger plates. Small and easy to store when you pack up for the night, they are the ultimate in chic dining al fresco without breaking the bank! Our recommendation? Choose colours that are in the same colour palette, or you’ll lose the expensive vibe. 

Need help choosing an outside dining set in Spain? 

Whether you’re buying for your own home or a rental property, choosing furniture can be intimidating if you don’t know what you need. 

Take the guesswork out and contact an experienced, well-stocked furniture company that can fill your garden with the spring/ summer essentials instead, from outside dining sets to sun loungers and accessories. 

They can order, deliver and position your new furniture and even take all the packaging away with them – making it ideal for busy homeowners.