You woke up in a dark spot and the last thing you recollected was taken. Regardless, something bizarre occurred in that weird spot, something odd… something risky. You should track down the best methodology to move away. Along these lines, you will just find demise.

Examine a significant dull locale: secret designs, a vague clinical facility, bewildering labs and repulsive rooms, these alerts are goosebumps.

Address enigmas and journeys, assemble and use objects to escape from the horrendous spot and an alarming creature.

Make an effort not to make a quarrel and be cautious considering the way that the creature can see you or hear you! It kills each person who contacts it! Leave with your allies in online multiplayer mode! If you need a non – irritating experience move away from the experiences of Specimen Zero – Multiplayer ghastliness is the game for you!

It was definitely not grandmother. This isn’t for youngsters.

Note: It is proposed to play headphones.

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