What is Rosland Capital?

It is a US-based company founded in Los Angeles in 2008. It deals in gold, silver, and other precious metals. You can read this Rosland Capital review for an extensive report.

The company also operates in some parts of Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden) and Asia (Hong Kong), assisting its clients in trading in precious metals on their behalf in line with rules and regulations stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service regarding gold.

The operations of Rosland capital

It helps the clients with details and information about gold prices, value, and availability, to help them determine the right gold to purchase (especially for an Individual Retirement Account).

The specialists employed by the company ensure that all transactions carried in under the company’s name comply with the Internal Revenue Service rules.

The company sells gold for collection retirement purposes and also exchanges gold for cash from clients who need money for emergency needs.

How to become a client of Rosland Capital

A discussion needs to take place between the company’s representative and a prospective client first.

This discussion will enable the representative to know the prospective client’s financial goal to know the best investment advice to offer.

After the above, the prospective client is given forms to fill out. These forms are an application from the professional handling the Individual Retirement Account and also from an authorized financial institution to ensure the client agrees with subsequent dealings and transactions.

An account is then created and the client decides on the kind of Gold IRA he wants to invest in.

Funding of the created account then follows.

A created Gold Individual Retirement Account can be funded either by the issuance of a check or by transferring an existing IRA being managed by another company.

The company then proceeds to purchase the precious metals in line with the client’s demand and stores them in a secured depository located in Delaware US.

An annual fee is charged to the client for maintaining the account and storing the gold.

Is Rosland Capital a scam or legit?

The website of the company does show the amount charged as fees.

Other various reviews on the website of the company reveal identical amounts being charged by the company.

Most reviews give $50 as the start-up fee. Its administration fee is said to be $225 but some reviews don’t align with the fact that the annual administration fee includes charges for gold storage.

Individual transaction fees with the company’s representative are also not clear but a minimum of $10,000 is required for opening a Gold Individual Retirement Account.

In addition to different reviews on the clarity of fees charged, the consumer reviews from BBB (Better Business Bureau) – a private organization that rates businesses are quite few but BBB rates the company  AAA. Even though the trust link is doubtful because it has almost the same level of positive and negative reviews.

The client’s feedback based on review is also not very clear to assess as some clients gave the company positive feedback while some accused the company representatives of being rude and practicing aggressive marketing.

There are also reports of clients not being able to table their complaints through the company’s customer service.

Its reviews are neither legit nor a scam. They are based on how its representatives deal with clients.