Do you usually recommend dedicated audiobooks? Do you want to see the algorithms to find your favourite audiobook? If yes, stick to this article. In this article, we want to tell you about the popular audiobooks that everyone suggests reading. Independent booksellers have become the champions when more and more people listen to their audiobooks. Further, we will tell you the popular audiobooks you must read. So, let’s explore the books. 

List of the popular book that is must listen to by everyone 

Here we are going to give you information about the most popular audiobooks that are suggested by the best authors to listen to by everyone, especially those who love to explore audiobooks. Further, you get the complete details about each book. So, if you also want to know about the popular audiobooks, then continue further.

  • How to quit Google to sell the samosas

How I quit Google to sell the samosas is a story based on the adventurous entrepreneur who grew the weekend Bohri food pop-up from his Parade Cuffe home into a startup with a 4-crore turnover. The author of this book, Munaf Kapadia, is the man with the many readers’ tale ideas of his big-city delivery kitchens, especially for the biggest Bollywood celebrities, and he achieved this by winning the reality shows and some few misses. 


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  • The Nations Homeopath

The book, The Nations Homeopathis an unusual entrepreneurial tale of resilience, risk appetite, and self-belief. The story of the book shows how Dr. Batra has become the largest chain of homeopathy clinics in the world. At the time of his early eighties, India was still away from liberalization and the loans were not available. At that time, Dr. Batra borrowed the loan amount at a rate of 36% interest.

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  • Regrets, None

Regrets, None is a rare memoir book written by Dolly Thakore. In this book, the author brings a new era of life with glitter, glamour, and struggles. Here she speaks about love, sex, motherhood, infidelity, ecstasy, and commitment. The book highlights how she emerges as the true-blooded embodiment of what it means to be a strong, vulnerable, empowered, and courageous woman. 

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  • The 24th Mile

The book The 24th Mile is known as the Indian Doctor’s heroism in war-torn Burma as the full title of the book. In this book, Tehmton S Mistry becomes part of the next generation of the large family of Jehangir. He recreates the story of his grit and heroism on the death-defying journey to safety.


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  • Cancer, you picked the wrong girl.

The author of Cancer, you picked the wrong girlis Shormistha Mukherjee. The author provides a no hold barred account of her life journey navigating through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Through getting the Brazilian wax and deliberating the benefits and drawbacks of breast reconstruction to explore the setting in the chemo ward, it’s laughter that helped keep her fears in check. 


This article gives you suggestions about the popular audiobooks that must listen to. Hope the information on these popular books is interesting to you. If you liked the information, then you must buy the audiobook and listen to the story for all the popular books to move towards the best audiobooks. 

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