From the day COVID 19 started, all the festivals and other celebrations shifted to the virtual world. Many people think that a virtual Holi celebration can get them nothing but boredom, but this is not true. Users can enjoy Holi most of the time with their closest ones and new connections. All they need to do is register for a virtual Holi celebration and log in to the event on the day.

Exhibitors provide users with numerous games and activities that can be more engaging than before. You can make your virtual event the best event of the year with exceptional planning and a virtual event platform. Moreover, your chosen virtual event solution plays an essential role in your event success. For sure, you can conduct a perfect virtual Holi party if you are clear with what your users want and can engage them better. 

If you seek some guidance to know the importance of taking a Holi celebration event virtual, here is a complete solution. Let’s have a glance at the 7 plus points why you should take your Holi celebration virtual. 

7 Plus Points of Taking Your Holi Celebration Virtual!

It can be hard to adopt new technologies and calculate the success rate as per your event goals. But virtual events have proved their worthiness and success rate without hassle. You stand the best chances by reaching the best virtual expo platform for taking your next event virtual. Still, if you are confused, the following are the various pointers that can be helpful to understand the numerous plus points of hosting your event virtually in 2022.

  • Complete Safety

COVID 19 has changed our complete life and caused a tremendous loss to everyone across the globe. We have been celebrating various festivals with restrictions for a span, and we have to be careful in the future too. That’s why a virtual expo platform can be a better option to maintain safety and security this Holi 2022. 

As the corona is not over yet, it is necessary for everyone to follow proper guidelines and restrict huge gatherings. So, virtual Holi celebration ideas in offices, colleges, schools, and other events will be a better option for safety. You can prefer to conduct your Holi fest virtually as there will be no physical contact among the visitors, meaning no chances of corona expansion anymore. 

  • A New Experience with Custom Environment

You can create a completely immersive, effective, and eye-catching experience with the virtual celebration of the Holi festival this year. It is easy to add a unique theme to your party in order to grab more attention from the users. Moreover, you can create multiple booths for your event that can be helpful to advertise your services and products during the festival. 

Also, you can add animated lighting and mesmerizing melodies in the background in order to keep up the festival vibes from the entrance. In addition, you can create the icons, buttons, and even their names as per your event theme. Color them and add text as per your Holi theme. 

  • Easy Communication

You can add 1:1 and group chat, audio, and video call options. It can be helpful for all the attendees to communicate and connect with each other during the event in order to give a more real-life experience. Also, you can provide them with easy external integration for a smooth calling and chatting experience. For instance, you can integrate Whatsapp, Zoom, Blue Jeans, etc. Moreover, just make your entire Holi celebration an interaction stage by adding Q&A sessions. Offer attendees to ask questions regarding your brands or your Holi theme.

  • Budget-Friendly

Conducting a Holi celebration in the physical world can be a bit expensive. But with the virtual world, you can get a lot of elements and tools in your budget. You have to plan the entire event and finalize your budget based on the investment and your profit expectations. Also, you can make the whole event or some part of the event accessible with a paid subscription. It can help you earn a little more profit that can be helpful to manage your event expenses without hassle.

  • Join Global Audience

You can connect to the global audience with your virtual Holi celebration festivals. There are various foreigners who like to explore and know other cultures. So, this event is the chance for you to expand your business to the world by welcoming potential attendees at your event. Also, all the Indians living in other countries can enjoy the virtual Holi festival with their friends to enjoy the occasion with them. 

  • Give Opportunity to Make New Friends

Even if people do have many friends, you can give them an option to make more friends and do business both through this event. Adding features like AI matchmaking and Business card exchange can be beneficial to connect hassle-free with similar interest virtual event attendees. Moreover, AI matchmaking helps you find users in the virtual fest who have similar interests as you. It analyzes the personal demographical data to find the right match for everyone. Also, the business exchange can be a perfect virtual Holi celebration idea in offices as you can exchange your card with other brands and attendees available at the virtual celebration.  

  • Can Implement Countless Ideas to Engage Users

You can think of various creative and engaging ideas for your virtual Holi celebration. Moreover, you can choose the best theme as per your requirement as virtual Holi celebration ideas in office, college, school, and others. Also, defining costume themes and activities you will include in the event can grab the maximum attention of global audiences.

So, these are the various plus points of taking your Holi celebration virtual. You may be confused about many things. Such as how virtual events work or how virtual and metaverse technologies are different. But you can get all the answers efficiently by reaching the best virtual expo platform experts.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in order to know the various advantages of hosting your Holi celebration virtually.