For the most part finding its specialty transcendently in the message informing class of telephones, Pantech is effectively turning out to be more pertinent and notable with every handset they push out. We’ve seen them analyze in different structure factors, for example, the multi-sliding Pantech Framework the entire way to the side-opening mollusk shell Pantech Effect. In their most recent contribution with the Pantech Connection P7040, they’ve returned to the QWERTY record structure factor that was most recently seen on the Pantech Record – a gadget that was unassuming to its foundations, yet offered a lot of usefulness. Normally there is an example we see with this handset as it endeavors to connect the hole between those essential clients who are reluctant on hopping up to an unlimited cell phone.

The bundle contains:
• Pantech Connection
• Charger
• Client Guide
• Fast Beginning Aide


So here we are again seeing one more representation QWERTY handset in the Pantech Connection – yet shockingly enough, it figures out how to further develop in pretty much every perspective while contrasting it with the Pantech Record. Oozing a plan that looks frightfully generally like the Nokia E71, the Connection is very smooth (0.39″ thick) and transmits an elevated degree of value in its plan. Obviously it’s developed out of plastic, yet the one of a kind metallic paint work utilized on the bezel and designed rubber treated back cover adds to its general allure. Because of the selection of materials, the Pantech Connection is very light weight (3.21 oz) and doesn’t feel perceptible in the pockets. Pantech’s development is clear as we’ve seen them improvement incredibly from the modest inclination Pantech Record to the ongoing Connection which sparkles splendidly with a development and plan that rivals near some cell phones.


Pantech Connection Audit
You can contrast the Pantech Connection and numerous different telephones utilizing our Size Perception Apparatus.

Going on in its upgrade, the Pantech Connection’s 2.4″ QVGA LCD show with help for 262k varieties truly does well in many circumstances – yet we found that it had some unfortunate survey points. Notwithstanding that, the knock in goal helps in carefully perusing out text while colors actually looked a piece on the dull side. Exploring wasn’t a task thanks to the material round directional cushion that was enhanced by the typical arrangement of huge estimated committed buttons. The left edge of the telephone houses the microSD opening and fairly estimated volume rocker while the right side obliges the restrictive charging port and committed camera button. At last, you can find the 1.3-megapixel camera with self-picture mirror and speaker telephone on the back while eliminating the back cover gives you admittance to the battery and SIM card opening.


Simply taking a fast look at the Pantech Connection’s QWERTY console quickly helped us to remember the one found on the Nokia E71 – it has a strikingly comparable look with little keys offer no in the middle between them. Nonetheless, they are somewhat raised towards the center which gives a fairly particular feel between each key. Furthermore, the powerless backdrop illumination made it much more hard to make out keys in obscurity – something ought to represent no issue on any gadget. Regardless, we loved the strong feel while pushing down a button which made composing a respectable encounter in spite of its confined nature.