Counsel software is a powerful, critical aspects of Office Ally Practice Mate
Office Ally vs. Counsel Software: Which is Better for Your Practice?

Counsel software is a powerful way to maintain the quality of your practice. But if you’re looking for a cloud-based app, you’ll find that Office Ally provides more features and benefits than your average desktop solution. let’s discuss both in detail

How is Office Ally the most demanding SoftwareSoftware around?

Office Ally started in 2000 as a clearinghouse for medical claims for institutional and professional providers. The business model was straightforward. It offers clearinghouse services to medical professionals for no cost. The company began with the Independent Physicians Associations (IPAs) in California and rapidly grew, which is present across the United States.

Since 2006 they have started offering additional SoftwareSoftware to empower the healthcare sector. The company begins by creating an Online Entry tool, allowing providers to quickly enter claims online at no cost and automatically submit them to Insurance companies/Payers electronically. They launched Practice Mate, free practice management system. In the following years, they continued to grow. 

They implemented EHR all hours of the day, and the Electronic Health Records system is competitive with the current most costly EHR systems. They also launched the Patient Ally, the Personal Health Record Portal that allows patients to interact with their doctors and staff online using Practice Mate and the EHR 24/7Practice Mate(TM). It is a no-cost software with various features and benefits to assist you in organizing and growing your practice. When you use Practice Mate(TM), you’re eligible for a free claim submission service. Contact over five thousand insurance companies without cost!

Office Ally Practice mate features

Scheduling Appointments

Practice Mate is a scheduling software with advanced capabilities, such as scheduling patients’ appointments upon dates and shading them to distinguish them from what they are actually doodle alternatives. You can also add notes from patients and create repeated works in a snap.

Patient Information

The Patient Ally plays a crucial role in streamlining and preserving the patient’s records. Patients need to enter the required details, like their insurance coverage and medical history, which is the most efficient method when signing up with the patient portal. It is possible to utilize Excel to confirm this information using Practice Mate.

Automated Transactions 

It’s an actual application to doctors, especially for hospitals specializing in psychiatric treatment. The most effective method of getting the information about patient bills is using this program to plan their accounts. Furthermore, it will handle all billing processes to ensure that users earn the maximum profit.

Claim for Insurance 

Office Ally’s Software for verifying claims is linked to EHR and comes with easy-to-read and understand documents to find rejected claims and analyze the impact. Therefore, denied claims are reviewed for any modifications and quickly re-posted.

Monitoring Payment

Office Ally Practice Mate lets users immediately access the patient’s reports within the EHR. and can also use EHR to print. One of the most critical aspects of Office Ally Practice Mate reviews is that they’re simple for patients to comprehend and enhance their satisfaction.


 A different feature that Office Ally includes is that most EHR pricing plans permit you to record and track the patient. It records how often scheduled appointments are made for patients and the frequency of collections to evaluate the overall performance.


After going through hundreds of reviews, we conclude that Office Ally provides excellent customer support. Their tools are simple to use, and they are cheap or free. Utilizing Practice Mate, you’ll be able to invoice participating and non-participating providers through their system. Many people can access it simultaneously. 

And can utilize it remotely. Some also say that the time required to solve problems with assistance is long, and the mistakes are often never wholly resolved.

What is Counsol Software?

counsol is an abbreviation to mean Counseling Solutions which provides an online practice management system for practices that includes tools to manage Electronic Medical Records (EMR), including notes from clients, appointments, insurance claims, and billing.

It is a guarantee of HIPAA compliance. Servers are situated in the Tier IV data center with the SSAE16, HiTRUST ISO 27001 & PCI 2.0 conformance. PCI (Payment card Industry) Standards are utilized in our systems and Software. All traffic must be SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that has encryption of 256 bits. Every user has a unique login, and all user actions are documented and stored. Any sensitive information is never sent via email. The data is frequently backup and encrypted using 256 bits.

Here are a few of the essential features that CounSol offers

Complete Practice Management

CounSol’s complete practice management software allows you to effectively manage your practice and focus on the most critical aspect of your clients. All counseling practices include client notes, appointment records, appointments for record-keeping, and the billing of offline and online clients.

Custom Client Site

It’s easy to design a custom client site to match the existing website. The portal lets your customers log in to their email accounts securely from you, schedule appointments, view/pay their bills and keep a personal journal. Customers can also access secure online video and chat sessions with the portal’s clients.

Reminders to Make Appointments

Reminders for appointments are automatically sent out to your patients 24hours, 48, or 72 hours before their appointment time via text messages, emails, or recordings of calls. The reminders you send your patients will help you look professional and reduce the number of patients who do not show up.

Secure Client Records & Notes

Thanks to the latest encryption technology, clients’ information are safe and secure. You’ll be the sole person with access to confidential information about your customers. You don’t have the anxiety of losing your data as everything you have written down, notes, and other information is saved daily with 256-bit encryption in our Tier IV data center.

Client Treatment Plans

Develop Treatment Plans using its simple templates, which include descriptions of the diagnosis and diagnostic axis codes, current risk assessment, and problems or concerns, such as goals for long-term and short-term treatment strategies.

Invoicing and Client Invoicing and Client

Invoice notifications can be sent via email to clients. It is also possible to accept credit cards through using a third-party payment processor. Through a payment processor, your customers can pay invoices online via your site without having your presence. Your administrator will keep tabs on the amount received and inform you of any outstanding invoices.



The customer service is fantastic and prompt. Users are awed by the fact that they are willing to hear feedback and suggestions, while constantly improving their product to accommodate the needs of their customers.


Honestly, users claim that the Initial setting up of insurance billing and the entire billing software is confusing to learn. It’s difficult to charge insurance.

A brief comparison between Office Ally and Counsol 

On the one hand, Practice Mate EHR was designed to provide the healthcare provider’s customizable and cost-effective solution. On the other hand, Counsol EHR software is more effective as it can be used in every industry. Practice Mate is a medical management software that helps doctors and nurses manage their patients’ health care. It has been designed to provide the best possible care for patients based on the information provided by doctors and nurses.

Counsil is an EHR software developed to help physicians and nurses make better decisions about patient care. It also helps them coordinate with each other more efficiently. The main difference between Practice Mate & Counol EHR Software is that Practice Mate provides support for medical practices while Counsol supports hospitals.


It isn’t easy to decide which EHR software or application is best for your practice. The decision is challenging, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to do it right. With office ally practice mate EHR vs. Counsol EHR software, you can compare the two and see how they work for your practice! At this point, no precise data are suggesting which one of these products is better than the other. It is important to remember that both products have their pros and cons depending on what you need them. best of luck