If you are thinking of harnessing well-known NXDN digital protocol to improve business efficacy or FM analog for its simplicity, KENWOOD ProTalk Digital NX P1200NV transportable business radios have you covered. With mixed mode operation to confirm smooth integration with legacy radios however smoothing the onward migration path to digital. But whatsoever your specific wants, audio quality is what decides clear voice communication – which is why KENWOOD radios are used underneath the most grueling situations. Thanks to widespread experience with proficient systems, trustworthiness is second to none. NX1200 So whatsoever your radio necessities, KENWOOD PromTalk Digital NX-P1200NV radios offer a single platform that is right for you. Its business done right!

NX-1000 Series radios redefine the word entry-level in hand-portable digital two-way radios with features plus functionality you would typically find only in much greater priced models.  Furthermore, they offer the choice among the verified, Digital/Analog mixed-mode operation plus bring industry-famous KENWOOD audio quality, innovative worker safety features as well as performance to a budget-friendly price point.

Designed with the functionality of much advanced tier radios, the NX 1200A offers models with a broad list of standard features, counting an 8 character direct plus intuitive LCD display, 13 segment, programmable 7 color LED pointer and 40 bit ARC4 heightened encryption in DMR style with license option. NX 1000 Series cost targets the entrance level user yet offers high performance as well as advanced features.

The NEXEDGE NX 1200A portable radios are obtainable in basic and Standard keypad w/LCD variant, and all models have slim profile design and contain well-known KENWOOD audio quality for challenging atmospheres plus the 2 pin audio accessory connector as well as 2 programmable side keys. The NX 1200A meets military standard 810 C/D/E/F/G as well as IP54 and 55. Based on eras of experience with proficient and high quality audio products, the NX-P1000 could be customized to provide the best digital audio to business radio users with numerous language backgrounds.

The Kenwood NX-1200 is a multi-protocol digital radio, intended to function under NXDN or DMR digital as well as FM analog protocols. With this radio you could choose from direct and intuitive LCD with regular keypad or elementary enclosures. Bringing several of the rich features of NEXEDGE precursors, the NX 1000 Series is a multipurpose platform designed to meet the utmost demands of today’s communication and deliver maximum worth for budget wary enterprise analog and digital users.

As an all-rounder the new Kenwood NX-1000 could not be beaten. This new digital radio offers NXDN otherwise DMR digital capability. In addition, it could be supplied in FM analogue mode. Mixed mode action makes it easy for clients to migrate from legacy analogue systems toward digital radio platforms.

Basic and standard keypad models are presented. The choice of a high contrast back-lit LCD display creates for more instinctive operation. Other features contain multiple scan functions and numerous emergency profiles. Moreover, the NX-1000 employs the extensively used Kenwood 2 pin accessory connector.

The NX-100 moreover uses the same batteries, chargers as well as accessories as other NX and heritage analogue radios.