You have a decision in your medical services. Pick Clear Wellbeing Coalition for exceptionally prepared specialists who treat and comprehend your infection, caseworkers to facilitate your consideration and additional advantages to assist you with carrying on with a better life.

  1. Apply for Medicaid benefits
    To sign up for Clear Wellbeing Collusion you should get Medicaid benefits. On the off chance that you don’t have Medicaid yet, you can apply online at
  2. Pick Clear Wellbeing Partnership as your wellbeing plan
    You can pick an arrangement when you apply for Medicaid or you can change your arrangement inside the initial 120 days of enlistment. There are two simple methods for enlisting with us:-

On the web: go to the Florida Statewide Medicaid Oversaw Care site at
By telephone: call the Decision Guiding Helpline complementary at 1-877-711-3662 (TTY 1-866-467-4970). Have your Medicaid ID number, Government managed retirement number and date of birth with you when you call

  1. Really take a look at your mail
    Whenever you are selected with Clear Wellbeing Collusion you will get another part parcel via the post office. Safeguarding your protection means quite a bit to us. A careful logo is utilized on all part materials.

Recharge picture

The most effective method to restore

  1. Really take a look at your mail
    You’ll get a letter from the state around two months before you want to recharge your inclusion. In the event that you have a My Entrance account, you will receive an email alert.
  2. Reestablish your advantages
    When you accept your letter, reestablish your advantages in one of these ways:

On the web: Sign in to your My Entrance account
Via mail: Finish up and return the reestablishment desk work that accompanied your letter from the state
By telephone or face to face: Call or visit your neighborhood local area accomplice office
On the off chance that you don’t restore by the date in the letter, you might lose your medical care benefits. Make certain to restore on time!