If you have a grocery business or are planning to start one, building a grocery app has become almost mandatory and brings many benefits to push start your business or revive your existing offline grocery business. 

However, building a grocery app without planning or thought will not help boost your sales or expand your reach. You need to understand the app market, study existing competitors, and conduct surveys to identify customer pain points and integrate them into your custom grocery app solution. 

Grocery App Must-Have Features 2022 

Chances are you already have a grocery app, but it isn’t yielding any results that you expected. To help you, we have listed some of the must-have grocery app features in 2022. Make sure your grocery solution has these fundamental features – 

  1. Simple Registration

For any grocery app development project, your customers need a personal profile to manage their orders, keep track of purchases and add their details. To get them started, you need to provide them with a simple registration feature. If the registration process is complicated, it will throw off the user, and they might delete the app before even exploring its potential. 

To make registration simple, you can make use of – 

  • Social Media APIs – Facebook Login, Twitter Login, Google Login, and more
  • Mobile Login with OTP
  • Email Login with Password
  1. Efficient Product Listing

How you categorize your grocery items on your app makes a lot of difference in terms of how easy it is for users to navigate between products they need or are searching for. 

To make product listing efficient, you should – 

  • Segregate items into products and sub-products
  • Provide a detailed description of your products
  • Sort categories alphabetically or in logical groups 
  1. Universal Search and Specific Search

Search is one of the most important features to master in grocery app development. It has to provide the utmost value while being simple to use. There needs to be a universal search bar that allows users to search the entire app for products they are searching for and also specific search bars under categories or vendors if you are developing a multi-vendor marketplace. 

To implement efficient search in your grocery app, you should –

  • Provide custom filters and sorting options
  • Provide auto-suggestions for popular products
  • Provide text prediction for user queries 
  • Provide similar products for search with no results
  1. Real-Time Tracking

Any grocery app needs real-time tracking for customers to track the progress of their grocery orders via your app. The UI should be user-friendly and accurately represent the distance and estimated time for the delivery partner to reach the user’s doorstep. 

Improve real-time tracking in your grocery app by –

  • Providing users with an estimated time of delivery and duration 
  • Provide grocery delivery journey points – order received, dispatched, delivered, etc
  • Provide rider contact details and grocery store contact details
  1. Repeat Order 

Usually, grocery app users have a fixed order daily or monthly, depending on what kind of groceries they need frequently. You can help them save time by providing a repeat order feature to them. 

Integrate the repeat order feature in your grocery app with abilities like –

  • Save users’ previous order details and suggest as repeat order
  • Let users set a repeat order and automate it at set intervals
  • Alert users for repeating orders when they purchase similar items
  1. Discount Codes/Coupons

What’s a grocery app with no discounts or coupons? As grocery buyers move from offline to online platforms, their need to get a good bargain on the purchase remains constant. Your grocery app should include a feature for discount and promo codes from third-party tie-ups like payment gateways and discount offers.

Integrate discount codes in your Grocery App with provisions like –

  • Welcome offers and app currency coins 
  • Loyalty Programs and referral programs
  • Discount coupons from different payment partners
  1. Recommended Products

Your grocery app needs to help customers figure out what they need to buy or what else they can buy when they are shopping on your app. Suppose your customer is looking to buy eggs; chances are they might need bread too, so your app should be able to recommend bread on the eggs page for users to consider purchasing it. 

Integrate recommendations efficiently in your grocery app with – 

  • User-behaviour based recommendations
  • Product relational recommendations
  • Popular recommendations 
  • Discount or Combo recommendations 
  1. Secure and Varied Payment Options

Any grocery app needs trusted payment options because there’s no telling what bank services your customer prefers. You cannot limit a potential sale due to inadequate payment methods. 

When integrating payment options in your Grocery app, ensure to –

  • Include various payment options – Card, Netbanking, UPI, Cash
  • Establish secure payment gateways 
  • Include big payment services like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and more
  1. Price Comparison 

If you are developing a multi-vendor grocery solution, it is important to include a price comparison feature that allows users to compare prices of similar products by different vendors. Here you can also include information such as seller rating, expected delivery time, and other factors users might consider when making such a decision. 

Your price comparison feature should include – 

  • Information about the seller – seller rating, items sold, customer comments
  • Information about product – product condition, best before, quantity available
  • Information about ETA, return policies, and more
  1. Membership and Subscription

Grocery apps are generally for daily or yearly use, unlike shopping apps which are only accessed when users need to buy a product. Hence your grocery app should have memberships and subscription models that appeal to your customers. 

Your membership and subscription feature for the grocery app should include –

  • Customer benefits like – Free delivery, lesser ETA, exclusive member offers
  • Different kinds of memberships – Bronze, Silver Gold, Platinum 
  • Different membership tenures – daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly 
  1. Good Quality Images

Your products need to look impressive and appealing to users for them to want to buy them. While optimizing your image not to increase your grocery app size is important, selecting the right kind of images for your grocery app is important. 

Your images for the grocery app should include – 

  • 3D image of your real products
  • 360 coverage of your real products
  • Icons for categories 
  1. Push Notifications 

One of the most efficient ways to get customers on your grocery app and convince them for purchases is via push notifications. It is a great way to give them constant notifications and alerts about the latest discounts on your grocery app. 

Make sure that your grocery app push notifications are –

  • Quirky, appealing, and attention-grabbing
  • Designed beautifully
  • Consistent and Reliable 

Final WordsThese are some of the must-have features of any grocery app in 2022. Including these features will make your grocery app stand out in front of your competitors and provide an unparalleled customer experience to your app users. Hire dedicated developers from a trusted grocery app solution development company that have worked on such projects for various clients across the globe.