If you’re looking for a forex broker, you might be interested in learning more about the best stock trading platform. This broker accepts traders from over the EU and offers free real-time market data. Additionally, it does not charge a management fee. Therefore, this is an excellent option for both newbies and professional traders. Here we will tell you about recenzja broker Exante.

Forex broker

It is a forex and recentzja broker that offers several financial instruments for trading in currencies and metals. Its platform offers over ten currency pairs and direct access to global futures and options markets. It also provides direct access to the hedge fund marketplace.

It is possible to open a personal or corporate account with it. The minimum deposit is EUR 10,000 for personal accounts and EUR 50,000 for corporate accounts. Therefore, the minimum amount of money required for these accounts is higher than many other brokers. Still, it is necessary to understand that trading platform is not for beginners.

It is a highly rated broker in many forex forums and is a popular choice for both beginner and advanced traders. It has a reputation for being a reliable and stable broker. As a result, it is a safe choice for beginners as long as you don’t risk too much money.

It offers free real-time market data.

Free real-time market data from the NYSE and NASDAQ is a big plus for most online brokers. Many offer it for free, while others require a subscription. However, a small cost is associated with using it, starting at EUR30 per month. Therefore, this service is best for those who want to monitor market trends without needing to recalculate prices constantly.

This stock trading platform also offers a variety of professional trading tools, including a powerful trading platform, a variety of supported APIs, and a surprisingly large selection of markets. This makes it ideal for algorithmic trading. It also allows traders to monitor their trading activity with ease. Moreover, it regulates by several reputable bodies, including the MFSA and the SFC (Hong Kong).

It accepts traders from across the EU.

This broker accepts traders from all over the EU and offers traders a variety of features and options. The platform is flexible and highly configurable, and clients can remove barriers through private cloud environments and API services. Clients can also use mobile platform, which offers access to all instruments from one multi-currency account. It supports seven languages and thirteen timeframes for the chart display. It also offers excellent customer service.

Traders from the EU and other countries can open a free demo account to practice trading. The platform accepts deposits and withdrawals from most major banks. However, some countries, including the USA and Japan, may be denied. Some users may also be required to provide an EDD before making a withdrawal. 

In addition, the broker offers demo accounts for individuals and corporate registrations, which you can use an unlimited number of times. A demo account allows traders to trade with EUR1 million virtual currency without risking their own money. They can also adjust the amount of the fee to reduce the commission.

Experts in stock trading investment

Alexey Kirienko, with other experts, decides to seize the chance to start this brokerage, a multinational investment company. This is a pivotal time in the lives of each co-founder. During its initial months, the company has already attracted customers. Alexey Kirienko primarily developed the business model for the company. It should work to act as a conduit between traders and investors.

Soon they received an MFSA, the Malta registration license. Within a year, it added Cyprus to its list of service areas. This brokerage entered the Asian market in 2019 after obtaining a license in Hong Kong.

Final Words

We hope you find this article helpful for finding the best brokerage. This stock trading platform supports multiple accounts and allows you to view account information in real-time and historical format. It also offers price alerts in different market conditions.