A passion project like your own home deserves your full attention and care. If you are a first time home owner, then you may overlook some factors that put you in a fix in the long run. These small yet crucial details can make a big difference in your home. Here are some of the elements you can include in your home and make it better. 

Things to remember when designing your own home

  1. Provide space for appliances – Many times, enthusiastic homeowners forget to allocate space for appliances. This can cause structural issues later, especially if the appliances require a water inlet and/or outlet. 
  2. Account for space of furniture – Any space required for the furniture should be measured before you order it. This is an important factor when you are ordering items online. It is necessary to account for the thickness and the extreme ends of the furniture to truly understand the space required. If you are planning to buy foldable items like a futon or a sofa-cum-bed, then take into account the size of the piece when it is unfolded. For example, if you are ordering a king size bed with pull out storage, then check whether you can comfortably use it. 
  3. Account for accessories and fittings – It can be a challenge to fit everything you need into one room or even one house. There are some furniture pieces that cannot be avoided and are not the primary ones either. For example, it is difficult to make do without a couple of side tables in the living area. Likewise, it is difficult to do without side tables in the bedroom. For example, if you have a queen size bed and you wish to put in side tables, then you need to look at whether you can operate the cupboards easily, have enough space to get down from the sides, and so on. 
  4. Go with a theme – A theme ensures your home does not look too shabby or too cluttered. A proper colour scheme and a theme give you a path and you can choose the upholstery, furniture, and colour of the walls based on the same. The theme also establishes an interesting premise that any visitor can appreciate. 
  5. Optimum usage of space – It is possible to find space for all you wish to do without the space looking too crowded. If you are getting stuck and don’t know how to use a certain blank space, you can always look for ideas online. For instance, the area under the stairs gets overlooked and left idle. Instead, you can add a beautiful book case and an open shelf to make it your very own library. You can also add an attractive bar and make that your lounge. 
  6. Less is more – Many home owners lean towards getting permanent storage structures made in their homes. You can do that to an extent and then it starts looking monotonous. Shelves and drawers are great for the kitchen, but a variety of wooden chests, credenzas, almirahs, book cases, and lamps, can add a touch of class to your space nonchalantly. 

Designing your own home is a moment of pride and if you are new to the game, it can be daunting. Be on the lookout for tips and ideas in magazines and online.