Mechanical engineering is the oldest and broadest branch of engineering. The discipline covers the engineering and mathematical principles to analyze, design, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. The field requires a core understanding of mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, dynamics, materials science, and electricity. Modern-day engineering has evolved to accommodate the new developments in the field such as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) and to produce world-class products that are of direct or indirect utility to the public. The learned concepts of mechanical engineering are applied to design industrial machinery, motor vehicles, aerospace parts, etc.

Contrary to pop-culture portrayal, a mechanical engineer from a B.E. college in Mumbai is not just a man dressed in khakis, working close to a steamer. Mechanical engineers of today have elevated their working styles and have adapted to the tunes of the time. Let’s explore how. 

Top Qualities of a Mechanical Engineer

  • Predicting the requirements of a mechanical product and accessing the value pocket of a project. 
  • Measuring the mechanical components, engines, and workings of the device. 
  • Getting the best deals for the suppliers and negotiating the best offers.
  • Getting approvals and presenting frameworks to clients.
  • Compiling the data and preparing reports for the project.
  • Building accessible machines for human use.
  • Analyzing and interpreting data for personal use cases.
  • Preparing reports and compiling data.
  • Developing services for developed products.
  • Building the most accessible form of machines for human use.
  • Interpreting data and analyzing its use case.

Mechanical Engineer As a Career in India

There is a high demand for mechanical engineers across the country. Being the oldest and most impactful branch of engineering, it has evolved with time and works directly with the technical innovation of the 21st century. The expansion of mechanical engineering is largely due to the increasing human dependence on machines. 

Before the Industrial Revolution, machines were limited to offices and open spaces, and the number of experts working in the field was limited. But today, machines have penetrated every sphere of our work. Additionally, there are several niches of mechanical engineering such as environmental engineering, biomechanical engineering, nanotechnology, and energy conservation. 

Top Features of A Career in Mechanical Engineering in India:

  • Exciting job opportunities right after graduation.
  • Multiple avenues for career growth with immense job potential.
  • The fast-changing industry with a huge demand for fresh talent
  • Opportunity to push the industry with your innovation and research.
  • Sound work-life balance.

Key Skills Required to Build A Career As a Mechanical Engineer

  • Technical skills: A mechanical engineer must have a scientific appetite and technical skills that as a foundation for further studies in the field.
  • Pressure management: Mechanical engineers work under the pressure and must deliver at all times, which is why the ability to work under pressure is incredibly important.
  • Problem-solving skills: A skilled mechanical engineer must be quick to think on their feet and solve problems as they present themselves.
  • Creativity: Designing marketable and user-friendly products is one of the main job roles of a mechanical engineer, which needs creativity. 
  • Communication skills: Mechanical engineers act as a bridge between multiple people such as developers, marketers, etc. And working in sync with the team requires extraordinary communication skills. 
  • Market knowledge: The knowledge of market trends and developing products that serve the people is the core of the job of a mechanical engineer, which requires having a thorough idea of the way the market demand works.

6 Reasons Why Mechanical Engineering is the Right Career For You

  1. Different career opportunities

    There are many different genres of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai cover all module courses, which prepare the student to start a career of their choice. From further studies or starting a career, the choices are endless and a mechanical engineering graduate can start their career. 
  2. Compatible pay scale

    It pays great to be at the forefront of technological development. Mechanical engineers are some of the highest-paid engineers across the board. In a world that’s been taken up by automation, smart and savvy machinery is the need of the hour. Here’s where mechanical engineers come into play. Building your career as a mechanical engineer will keep you happily employed for long. 
  3. Passionate career

    If running and developing machines is all you think about, then a career in mechanical engineering will be of utmost fulfillment to you. The rewards don’t end on the paycheck. You also get to spend your time with the things that are the most passionate to you.
  1. Access to the latest technology and tools

    Mechanical engineers are the inventors, renovators, and curators of brand-new technology. They get the first dibs on all the developments in the field and are responsible for pushing the industry ahead. Just as new-age mechanical engineers are the driving force behind the evolution of electric energy,  they also get to model the industry in accordance with their point of view. It’s exciting to be a part of the future. Direct engagement with developing technology is the leading reason why you should consider a career in mechanical engineering.
  2. Multifaceted opportunities

    Mechanical engineers have access to new, cutting-edge technology such as aviation, nanotechnology, industrialization, biomechanics, etc. There are many subgroups and niches that can fit the portfolio of a mechanical engineer. The multi-faceted field creates an array of choices for a mechanical engineers, who can either carry on with their studies or enter the job market. 
  3. Global Exposure

    Mechanical engineers are the connecting joint between machinery and technology. As a mechanical engineer, you deal with the common denominators of technology and machinery so they can be prepared for the consumption and use of the general public. As the demand for skilled mechanical engineers outpaces the supply, the need and utility for foreign talent have quadrupled. This means, as a mechanical engineering graduate, you have a chance to get handsome job opportunities overseas. 

In conclusion,

Mechanical engineering is a challenging yet rewarding career that combines your creative genius and technical knowledge to bring automation and comfort to the lives of people. If any of these skills match yours, then a career in mechanical engineering with a degree from TERNA Engineering College, Nerul, is the right option for you.