Numerous reasons make cordless vacuum cleaners popular among almost all households today. We can’t deny that they are lightweight, small in size, handy, and conveniently cater to all our cleanliness needs. The users prefer vacuum cleaners to clean every corner of the house, even if it’s a floor gap or the wall’s edge. Wireless vacuum cleaners are superior to others because you can carry them anywhere without getting your wire tucked anywhere. 

If you are still indecisive about trying affordable cordless vacuum cleaners, keep reading this article to know it isn’t a waste of money. Yet, before proceeding to the other factors, isn’t it being cordless enough to make up your mind? 

  1. Easy-to-carry, lightweight vacuums 

The foremost benefit of cordless vacuums is that they generally weigh around 10 pounds or less. This feature differentiates them from the corded vacuums as their weight can even cross 22 pounds. For instance, Viomi A9 cordless vacuum only weighs 1.5 kg or 3.4 pounds, making it the lightest vacuum cleaner of its time. It holds a Li-on battery. So, it doesn’t add much to its weight. It makes cleaning rituals less tiring than usual. 

  1. Low-maintenance 

The cordless vacuums require less maintenance than regular corded vacuums with heavy dirtbags. It makes it even effortless to empty the bin and clean the filters manually in a few minutes. You can pull out its filters and wash them. It is even easy to place its components in place. This feature seems minor. Yet, at times it becomes the preferable feature. 

For good measure, you don’t have to adjust the changes according to different floor plans. You can grab and clean the carpet, hard floor, or flat floor. 

  1. Clean every nook and crook of the place 

This headline isn’t limited to only house cleaning. You can clean the car rugs, RAMs, cupboards, curtains, ceilings, and sofa gaps with cordless vacuums. For instance, the Viomi A9 comes with 4 different brushes suitable for distinct cleaning purposes. 

If you want to clean carpets and hard floors, choose a soft roller head. A soft dusting brush can dust the keyboards, RAMs, and roofs. The cervice tool works to clean chandeliers, the narrow spaces beneath the sofas, or its gaps. It is suggestible to choose Mini motorhead to clean textile material. These brushes come in handy with every replaceable brushes to offer you an affordable cordless vacuum. 

  1. Removable Li-on batteries 

A cordless vacuum reduces the tension of accidental unplugs when cleaning or cord damage. It offers removable batteries that you can charge beforehand and clean an area of 200㎡ or 2150ft² in one go. Most affordable cordless vacuums also come with two batteries. So, you can replace the used battery with the charged one to clean for 1 hour more without worrying about the battery. The cordless vacuums make it easy to move around the house freely without knocking over chairs or tables. Viomi Aeolus 9 also has a charging stand to ensure convenience. 

  1. One-touch operation 

Cordless vacuums like Viomi A9 allow the users to deep clean their house with a simple touch.  It reduces the labor of setting the vacuum, adding a house map, and ore-cleaning. You can start cleaning or empty the bin with one click. Yet, it ensures efficient performance with 25000mAh suction power and 0.4 L capacity. 


So, aren’t affordable cordless vacuums worth buying? Anyways, who doesn’t want to treat themselves with multiple advanced featured vacuums affordably? It is important to note that various companies offer their best manufactured cordless vacuums. Yet, Viomi A9 is a power pack of sleek design, low weight, and latest features at a considerable price.