Yes, you should replace your refrigerator water filter regularly. Your refrigerator water filter is responsible for preventing contaminants from getting into your drinking water. Inside the hard plastic, shell is a charcoal filter that helps filter the particles, chlorine, and bacteria from your water. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the water filter once every six months because it loses its effectiveness after this period. You can conveniently order your generic or premium Samsung fridge water filters here to ensure you maximize your water safety.

Failure to replace your water filter, in most cases, can cause health hazards to your body and also reduce the effectiveness of your refrigerator. While replacing your refrigerator water filter is beneficial to your health, it helps keep your refrigerator working smoothly and for longer. This article will expound on the reasons why you should replace your refrigerator water filter.

Water Filter Improves Water Taste

An expired water filter lacks the filtrating properties of removing the bad taste from water. Water in its natural state has impurities that give it a different taste from what we associate with pure water. When your refrigerator uses the same water filter for over 6 months, it will fail to filter this bad taste or odor in your water. However, replacing the old filter with a new one will immediately give you better tasting water that can quench your thirst fully.

Water Filter Protects Your Health

While most cities have clean water for drinking directly from the taps, this can be a nightmare in other areas, especially if the water is hard. Hard water contains chemicals and minerals that can be hazardous to your health. Similarly, untreated water can harbor bacteria and other organisms that are not friendly to your general health. An expired water filter lacks the capability of filtering your water effectively without leaving traces of these toxic components. 

Replacing your water filter after every 6 months will allow you to access high-quality water that is free from any health hazards. It also allows you to enjoy the water without risking your life to chemicals or particles that can corrode your health system. 

Improves Ice Cube Quality

Most modern refrigerators come connected with a water dispenser and an ice maker. When the water filter has clocked the six months recommended, it becomes ineffective, allowing the filtered particles to clog the pipes providing water to the ice maker. Since the water flowing into the ice maker is insufficient, it can lead to poor quality production of ice cubes which have a corrupted taste and appearance. Replacing your water filter will allow you to enjoy high-quality ice cubes in whatever proportion you need.

Keeps Your Refrigerator Working for Long

Did you know that regular maintenance of your appliances can increase their lifespan over time? You heard me right. When you fail to replace your water filter after the recommended period, the debris in the filter will accumulate, forcing your refrigerator to work extra hard to deliver water. When your refrigerator is overwhelmed, it breaks down and can reduce its life cycle in the long run. Maintaining a regular replacement schedule will help prevent breakdowns and ensure that your refrigerator lasts as long as expected.

Improves the Quality of Water

Water directly from the tap is contaminated mainly during its flow to your home. The pipes and faucets through which water arrives at your home can leave particles that can find their way into your system. Regularly replacing your refrigerator water filter is the best way to ensure you consume water free from contamination. With a new filter installed, your water will not have any foul smell that you feel when the filter is expired. Therefore, the quality of water will instantly improve once you replace your water filter.

How to Replace Refrigerator Water Filter

Once you have noticed the need to replace your refrigerator water filter, it is time to get rid of the old one. The initial step is just reading the handbook to understand where your water filter is placed in your refrigerator (different brands may have different handbooks). Turn off your refrigerator and the water supply to prevent the water flow during the replacement. Carefully install the water filter in a similar position to the old one you found. Turn back on the power and the water supply to see if there is any difference.

You can also reuse a previously used filter. This should be your last resort, but only after cleaning it thoroughly and getting rid of any debris and contaminants. Before reinstalling it back, make sure you remove any air bubbles that can cause a cloudy texture in your water.

The reasons listed above should guide you when purchasing or using your refrigerator. Ensure you are replacing your water filters to ensure your refrigerator stays working for longer and produces the best quality of water for you and your loved ones.