eyelash extension
eyelash extension

As a basic and long-standing style, classic eyelash extensions are used by clients who prefer a natural look and can use it regularly in place of mascara. Although nowadays there are many types of eyelash extensions as well as unique styles, classic eyelash extensions are still common, are suitable for almost all types of clients, and are at the top of the most popular types of eyelash extensions.

Is classic eyelash extension still a trend?

Classic eyelash extensions are 1:1 eyelash extensions in which 1 eyelash is attached to 1 natural eyelash to make them look thicker and longer but still very natural. It is because of this simplicity that this type of eyelash extension is still widely applied in practice, especially for first-time clients of eyelash extensions who wish to overcome the basic flaws of natural eyelashes. Besides, when combined with other styles, it also creates natural and attractive effects. Therefore, if you think that classic eyelash extension is no longer popular, follow this article to have a more multi-dimensional view of it.

The advantages only in classic eyelash extension

This style mainly focuses on adding a bit of thickness to thin lashes and curling them a bit more than natural ones. The usual length of classic eyelashes is only 7mm -12mm, and thickness is only from 0.03mm to 0.05mm. Therefore, it can be affirmed that no other type of eyelash extension can keep the naturalness like the classic eyelash extension. And as a result, it makes just enough change in the eyes to make your clients more confident.

We believe classic lashes can satisfy clients who want to try eyelash extensions for the first time. With its gentle nature, this lash style only uses 1-2 lashes to attach to 1 natural lash. Therefore, new clients will have a perfect experience with the classic eyelash extension since the change is not much, and there is no feeling of heaviness or discomfort in the eyes. In addition, this type of eyelash extension is also suitable for many ages; almost anyone of any age or gender can apply it.

It can be used regularly instead of mascara every day. This is the share of many clients when they need to apply makeup regularly. Then, a classic eyelash extension helps them not to spend much time but still confidently go out to work, go to school, etc. In particular, this type of eyelash extension also does not put pressure on natural eyelashes, so they can be long-lasting and cause less damage to natural eyelashes.

The styles that can apply for classic eyelash extension:

Although it is the simplest type of eyelash extension, it is also the most valuable when changing the appearance and maintaining a natural look. It can be combined with popular styles to create the perfect lashes. Here are some types of eyelash extensions that you can refer to.

Doll eyes: As you know, this is a type of eyelash extension suitable for almost every type of client. If your client has single eyelids, hooded eyes, or almond eyes, it is the ideal eyelash extension. The combination with the classic eyelash extension will help the eyelashes have a moderate opening; the lashes are still thin and light, not too thick or bold.

Cat eyes: In this type of eyelash extension, the eyelash length increases gradually from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Eyelash length can be from 8mm to 14mm, depending on eye shape. When applying for the classic eyelash extension, the cat eye eyelash extension still has the inherent sharpness. Still, it is accompanied by gentleness and sophistication, and the stunning look attracts all eyes.

Open eyes: This eyelash extension emphasizes the central part of the eye. By adding the number and length of lashes in the center and gradually decreasing at the ends, open eyes create a symmetrical effect of eyelashes. If you want to have eyes that have a moderate openness, a thin density of lashes, and subtle beauty, this is a worthy choice.

In addition, you can apply classic eyelash extensions with other styles depending on the reality and requirements of clients. However, in any case, you should keep the following in mind:

Choose the material of eyelash extensions that are soft, smooth, and have the same colour as natural eyelashes. These factors determine the naturalness of a new set of lashes. We recommend faux mink lashes as they meet the quality requirements at an affordable cost and are environmentally-friendly.

For clients who have too droopy eyes, weak, sparse eyelashes, too short shirts or too big, too small, etc., you need to consider applying for the classic eyelash extension. This type is not capable of changing or overcoming the above flaws.

Although it does not put too much pressure on natural eyelashes, when using classic eyelash extensions, you also need to pay attention to the care after treatment. Especially, remind clients to return to your salon to take care of the lashes on time since it is good for both eyelash extensions and the client’s natural eyelashes.

Finally, it should be emphasized again that classic eyelash extension is 100% priority for naturalness. Therefore, although not the top 1 trend of eyelash extensions, classic eyelash extensions are always trendy. The diverse combination of eyelash extension styles also shows its high applicability. So, new technicians always work hard to practice this fundamental eyelash extension style!

If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to comment below. Good luck!