Many people think hair fall & hair breakage are the same. Well, not really. Hair fall is when entire strands of hair fall from your scalp due to combing, illness, or side effects of hair products,  whereas hair breaking is literally the breaking of hair from mid! Hair breakage is like heartbreaks for women, we don’t want it! 

As much as we like wearing human hair extensions for various reasons, like enhancing our look, covering thin hair, adding colors, and experimenting with various hairstyles, many women ignore the need to protect and care for their human hair wigs and extensions. This might be because some people feel hair extensions and wigs, particularly those made of human hair, do not need to be cared for. But that’s not correct. 

Human hair extensions are among the greatest types of hair extensions available, and to maintain them that way, we must shower them with some TLC.  There are also several things you can do to avoid your human hair extensions from breaking. 

1# Hair Ties

How- Traction from braiding your hair too tightly or a tight ponytail can cause physical damage to the hair making it more fragile. Using the wrong type of hair tie may leave your hair crumpled, tangled, and damaged. Too-tight grips with elastic hair ties are terrible for your hair!

Remedy- Silk scrunchies and ‘Telephone Cord’ hair rings are advised since they leave no dents or bumps in your hair. They are also quite comfy to sleep in and have the durability to keep any texture. Silicone hair elastics are made to be non-slip and give a long-lasting grip and are perfect for clip-in hair extensions. The soft grip for comfort makes them appropriate for sports activities while keeping your clip in hair extensions in place.

2# Heat-Styling Tools

How- Using heat on the hair often can damage the hair shafts and eliminate moisture from the hair, resulting in brittle hair and hair breakage. Overusing styling appliances such as blow dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs result in dry hair and breakage.  Hot and humid conditions can also dry out the hair and increase the chance of breakage.

Remedy- You MUST apply a heat protectant before styling your human hair extensions; Heat protectants enter the cuticle and soak into the hair shaft to form a protective barrier that keeps your extensions silky and smooth while also protecting them from heat.

3# Hair Products

How- Hair dyeing, perming, and relaxing products include chemicals that can weaken the hair and make it more prone to breakage. Certain shampoos & conditioners are alkaline or basic and can leave hair with a negative charge. This increases friction between hair strands and may result in hair breaking.

Remedy- Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals on the hair and using a shampoo with a neutral pH can help to promote hair health. To avoid tangling of hair and preserve manageability, don’t forget to condition your hair after shampoo. 

4# Hair Drying

How- Rubbing damp hair with a towel can cause hair damage, frizz, and breaking. Wet hair is more prone to breaking than dry hair. Hair extensions do not acquire the essential oils from the scalp like natural hair; thus, they are more prone to becoming dry. Blow drying will just suck away part of that much-needed moisture.

Remedy- Instead of rubbing the hair, wrap it in a towel to absorb moisture. Allow your clip in hair extensions it dry naturally by hanging them in the shower or a wig stand. To soak the water, utilize microfibre towels or cotton shirts. If you’re in a rush and can’t resist using a dryer, put it in the cold setting, and don’t forget to dampen your hair with serum while you’re doing it.

5# Hair Brushes

How- Your human hair extensions are connected to your natural hair, and inappropriate brushing will damage your hair. Particular hair textures necessitate the use of a different type of comb.

Remedy- Brush your clip in hair extensions with a bristle/loop brush while holding the top of your head and brushing from the bottom to the top. You can keep your clip in hair extensions on a wig stand & brush it before installing. To reduce tangling brush your hair 2-3 times a day.

6# Sleeping

How- Sleeping six to eight hours entails six to eight hours of friction-laden rooting your scalp on a pillowcase, which can rough up your hair and leave you with dry, frizzy, and tangled strands in the morning. Remove your clip in hair extensions before sleeping. 

Remedy- Wearing a silk sleep cap over your human hair extensions can assist preserve your fragile manes in good condition. A sleep cap keeps your hair from rubbing against your pillow as you sleep. To reduce abrasion when sleeping and to avoid tangles and hair breakages, replace your ordinary cotton pillowcases with silk/satin pillowcases.

7# Storing

How- Most hair breakage occurs when you do not carefully manage your hair extensions. It is critical to keep your hair extensions in a clean box or storage bag and away from the sun, which can cause fading of the hair color and loss of moisture.

Remedy- You may preserve your hair in an original hair box. If you don’t have one, you may use a clean shoe box, reusable plastic zippers, or extension bag. Any beauty supply store will sell hanging hair extension bags. Simply tie the clip in hair extensions to the hanger, place the hanger in the bag, and zip it up.

8# Not Seeing Hairstylist

How-  As your hair grows, the extensions become loose and shabby, creating tugging and tractions that lead to hair breakage. Different kinds of human hair extensions have different re-touch or re-installation needs, therefore postponing such salon visits will only lead to hair breakage over time.

Remedy- The greatest solution here is to just see your hairdresser. It is simple to install clip in hair extensions at home, but it is always recommended to visit the best hair salon and get it done for sew-in weaves and bonded hair extensions.