What is TB-500?

Thymosin beta 4, commonly referred to as Thymosin 500, is an organic peptide found within both humans and animals that has medical applications and research applications. Although not a prescription vet medication, peptides TB-500 has become widely used in race horses to prevent adhesions from forming even though it’s not a prescription vet medication. As an inject able protein with limited human applications – mostly by those who enjoy experimenting – reports of humans using this product date back as early as 1974 when a child became the first human recipient of injections due to her having functioning gland called the Thymus.

Growth hormone (GH) has been scientifically proven to offer many of the same advantages as TB-500, including:

  • Gain increased strength through increased muscle growth
  • Enhancing endurance
  • Accelerating wound healing
  • Inflammation and pain that is either chronic or acute can have various causes.
  • Increased Flexibility

Hair growth is increasing

TB-500 and Thymosin Beta-4 are not interchangeable, though they often get used interchangeably within the world of peptides (AKA broscience forums for bodybuilding). Finding genuine Thymosin Beta-4 can be quite difficult whether for research purposes, equine enhancement, fitness enhancement or bodybuilding; however TB-500’s peptide sequence has all the same properties as its more expensive counterpart – making it much more accessible and easier to locate.

Due to its molecular shape and low molecular mass, peptides TB-500 are highly adaptable and mobile. It also has the capacity to travel far distances through tissues, which enables it to “find” damaged areas (chronic or acute). Many users have reported additional benefits such as enhanced flexibility, decreased inflammation in tendons, hair regrowth and graying hairs.

Today we will explore TB-500, a synthetic peptide which has been linked to remarkable improvements in muscle and other recovery times. It plays an essential role in developing blood vessels, creating new muscle tissue fibers and stimulating cell migration and reproduction. Compared to BPC-157, TB-500 works faster and more efficiently – but we must still be aware of any warnings or effects you should be aware of.

Side Effects and Hazards of TB-500

What side effects and risks could there be from taking TB-500?

Be aware that research on this subject has yielded conflicting results when it comes to cancer. Some studies suggest it could aid in the growth of cancerous cells, while other data indicates it could actually prevent cancer from arising.

Doctors have discovered that those suffering from cancer tend to have higher concentrations of Thymosin in their tissues than other people. At first, doctors believed this meant Thymosin could cause cancer but later research revealed its primary function is actually creating fresh white blood cells; hence its presence in cancer-affected areas likely wasn’t due to any cause but simply another indicator that immunity was being built up around these areas.

As with many peptides on the market, TB-500 has had limited long-term research studies involving human participants. Though I have never tried it personally (as I participate in WADA approved sports such as Triathlons and obstacles course races), what bodybuilders and athletes who use this peptide have reported most often is a brief feeling of fatigue after injecting. Some have reported feeling an initial rush of energy after injecting TB500; however, others report that this feeling fades away within minutes after injection.