It takes a lot of effort to write a good essay. For many applicants, this is a real problem. They envy those who do it quickly and perfectly. Indeed, we are all different, someone thinks creatively, likes to fantasize and perform. But some people get lost when they find themselves in front of a piece of paper and a given topic alone. How do I solve the problem? Now let’s look at a few tips. So, we know that there are works descriptions, miniatures, reflections, essays, and other types of works.

Each of them has its structure, and therefore its requirements for the correct spelling. Some students don’t enjoy academic writing and choose cheap coursework writing service instead. This way they don’t need to spend hours struggling.

When you work with an essay, pay attention not only to the content but also to how beautifully and figuratively you build the sentence. When it comes to an essay reflection, keep in mind the main parts: introduction, main part, and conclusions. The introduction should contain the main theses, the main part should contain examples and proofs, and the conclusions should contain your point of view on a given topic

The miniature work should contain a thesis and explanation.

A few rules for successful work with essays:

* Say no to rewriting. Of course, it is important to read the so-called “criticism”, but if you engage in such plagiarism, it will not develop your ability to write essays. You can only use it to direct your thoughts in the right direction. Impressions, statements, and conclusions should only be your own.

  • If we are talking about an essay based on a literary work, you should read it. And the summary won’t helpyou. You must understand the content of a novel, novella, or short story yourself, draw appropriate conclusions, and express your opinion.
  • Before you write an essay, you should make a plan. If you find it difficult to write essays, it is better to do it not in the “mind”, but on paper. As for the plan, there should be three main parts – the introduction, the main part, and the conclusions.
  • If you don’t understand something from the essay or have lost the storyline, it may be better to reread the work.
  • When reading criticism, if, say, you like someone’s opinion, try to develop it in your own words. Evaluate how much it corresponds to the idea of the work
  • Don’t forget about quotes. This will emphasize your awareness of the topic.

* Read examples of good pieces. This way, the correct spelling structure, images, and phrases will be stored in your head. In the end, you will mentally train yourself to work correctly with the word.

* Think about your work in advance. Do not sit down for a clean slate and do not start everything “from scratch”. When you go to the store, think about how to start an essay, How to finish it.

* Well, the main advice is to improve your literacy.

This type of presentation of their thoughts is one of the necessary skills of a competent modern person. Therefore, every student can write an essay.

The work usually consists of:

  • introduction,
  • the main part (topic disclosure),

To set the right tone for the whole work, you need to know how to start the work.

Depending on the specified volume of all work, the introduction should occupy 10-15% of the essay. In it, you need to bring the reader to the main idea and to the need to talk about it, reflect. It is the essay reflection that graduates are invited to write on the unified state exam. Let’s look at how to start writing the unified state exam.

You need to do this quickly because the writing time in this case is limited. We overcome the fear of work, focus, and choose one of the ways to start writing.

Ways to start an essay

Brief information about the author of the work is the Universal beginning of any work. Tell us where the author was born and give a brief description of his work.

You can start the introduction by listing synonymous words of the main concept that characterizes the topic of the work. For example:” the inner world of a person, honesty, and sincerity – these are the main concepts put by Exupery in all his stories, but in the “little prince” they found their brightest embodiment.” Thus, you have already come to the topic of the work.

One of the strongest ways to start an essay is to ask one or more rhetorical questions. So you can start thinking about anything, on any topic. “What prevents a person from being honest with themselves? When does he start lying, breaking away from his childhood dreams? “This introduction is suitable for many works.

Another way to start an essay reflection is to state exactly your thoughts on a given topic. Remember the phrase: “I often thought about that …” That’s how you start writing. Back to The Little Prince. The beginning will be: “I have often thought about when a child leaves childhood and begins to live with the concepts of adults? At what age? Why does he completely forget how he talked about adult concepts? Exupery wrote a story on this topic, where he answered all these questions, and my thoughts coincided with his thoughts.” And then we move on to the work very easily. This is a very good way to start writing. It meets several requirements of the essay-reflection of the unified state exam at once. This is the expression of the student’s own opinion, the student’s argumentation, and the student’s comments.

Introductory phrase templates

If it is very difficult for you to approach the question of introducing the topic of the work creatively, then you can learn several template phrases. For example: “in the story, Lermontov suggests thinking about the fact that there are a lot of extra people in society.” You can change the author’s last name and topic to any other one, but the beginning has already been made! “In this little story, the author raised a very big problem …”- also substitute the author’s last name and subject. “There is an opinion that love passes quickly, but in Bunin’s works we see that this feeling is eternal” – then you can talk about both the story and the author.

Having set the right mood for all the work in the introduction, you can already start writing the main part. You can check good services on reddit if you need more information. With these tips, you will no longer worry too much and think about how to start writing an essay.