Africa Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

Africa tours are one of the favourite trip ideas among travellers. If you like travelling, chances are that you have dreamed of a safari trip for a long time. Are you planning your first trip to Africa? You probably need help preparing for the trip, as you may not know what to expect. 

While a trip to Africa can offer you an experience of a lifetime, first-time visitors may face some challenges. Continue reading this piece for helpful tips on planning your visit to Africa. 

Choose the Right Destination

The fifty African country options can make choosing a destination for your trip to Africa hard. When picking a destination, you should first decide on the kind of vacation you are looking for. 

For instance, you may have specific ideas in mind, or there may be things or activities on your bucket list you want to experience. Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa are cheaper tourist destinations, whereas Namibia and Botswana have brilliant tourist infrastructure. 

Decide When to Travel

After choosing your travel destination, it is time to decide when you want to travel to Africa. You will find the optimum season in most African destinations if you want to go on a safari. 

Typically, you would want to visit during the dryer season as animals typically come near the waterholes when there is no rain. Similarly, you should visit the desert in winter. 

Check Visa Requirements

Remember that possessing an African visa does not mean free entry to all African countries. In fact, each African country has different requirements when it comes to visas for tourists. 

Ideally, you should check in with the nearest embassies of the African countries you plan to visit. The embassy can help you determine all the visa requirements you need to know before your visit. 

Some of these countries may be visa-free, whereas others may offer visa-on-entry. Not to mention, a few African countries may require you to apply for a visa in advance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, looking for more info? We have compiled a list of FAQs – Check them out.

  1. What time of the year is best for touring Africa?

The greatest time to travel to Africa is from May to September during the drier winter season when the foliage thins out and animals gather around any remaining water sources. Now is the greatest time to visit the vast southern game reserves.

  1. Why Is Africa Expensive to Visit?

In Africa, hotel rates are among the most expensive we’ve ever noticed. This is related to the infrastructure shortage. A suitable hotel, guesthouse, or lodge needs power and running water access. Outside of the main cities, Africa is difficult.