A current account helps the business to ensure business transactions go smoothly. As many transactions are performed in business every day, it is important to open a current account. 

For businesses, having a current account is important because it allows them to proceed with several fast transactions every day. Here is the article written on how to open a current account for your business. 

Pros of a current account over a savings account 

There are many reasons why current accounts are preferred for business instead of savings accounts.

  • No limit poses on transactions. 
  • No limits on withdrawals and deposits 
  • Add on services like demand drafts, cheques, mobile banking, internet banking, etc. 
  • Overdraft facility 

What to know before opening the current account

A current account is created by a business group or individual, trust, association, or company. Therefore, it is crucial to abide by KYC rules. The main aim of an online open current account is to eliminate transaction limitations and ensure the smooth flow of transactions. 

  • You should maintain a high minimum balance before opening your current account.
  • Failure to uphold the amount will occur in a high penalty. This factor relies on current or bank account type. 
  • The zero-interest rate on stored money. Keep in mind that some banks offer interest rates in support of account holders. 
  • Banks possess the same interest rates on borrowed funds but have low-interest rates compared with actual loan rates. 
  • The not necessarily additional services are expensive. 

How to open your current business account 

Any person who must own a business is eligible to open their current business account. You can easily open your current account through a commercial bank. Any business can open their current account by approaching the bank or online assistance. Here are the simple steps by which you open your current business account. 

General application form

To start the process of applying for a current account, it is important to fill out the application form with your accurate information. In addition, to gain account stability and get account approval, you should fill in information owned to you and cross-check all the information before submitting the form. 

Here is the important information you must fill in your account application form. 

  • Associates, if any
  • Name 
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Identity proof
  • Nominee information
  • Owner information
  • Business information, etc 

Necessary documents 

After filling out the application form with basic details, you should submit the important documents. 

  • Recent photographs
  • Address proof and ID proof 
  • Cheques from a savings account 
  • PAN card

There are some additional documents also required to submit to open the current account for your business. 

  • Incorporation certificate 
  • Association memorandum 
  • Board resolution for companies 
  • Patternship letter and deed, etc


Current accounts are best fit for people who want to handle the number of transactions in the day in their business without any limits.