Corporate events get a bad rap. They are often seen as boring events, more of a chore than something to be enjoyed.

There are many ways to liven up a corporate event, from live music to activities. You can also hire comedians like Tony Baker to lighten the mood and bring folks joy.

When putting together your next corporate event, consider the ways in which you could infuse comedy into it.

Set the Tone

If you hire a comedian for your event they may be able to double as an emcee for the day. This is great because it will make them a common thread throughout the event and a common point of reference.

You can utilize the comedian to set a light-hearted tone at the onset. Carving out time for him or her to give a welcome address will achieve this.

A comedic introduction to the day can take away the sense of dread employees often feel over corporate get-togethers.

It may also make them feel more relaxed, therefore opening the door for better participation in any team building or interactive activities that are planned.

Laughter is certainly the best medicine, and it can be a cure for what might otherwise be a sluggish start to the event.

Facilitate Ice Breakers

Ice breakers can be tough for shy people, but when done right they can bring even the quietest person out of their shell.

When considering ice breakers for an event, gravitate towards those that are sillier. Allowing employees to express themselves in a comedic way shows that it’s a safe space. It’s easier to be silly yourself when everyone around you is doing the same.

 Get the Crowd Involved

If you hire a comedian, you may want to consider one that specializes in calling on the crowd and making them a part of the act.  This is much more fun than sitting at a table listening to someone else crack joke after joke.

A good comedian will be well versed in your company’s area of expertise and can craft jokes that tap into that. Employees who hear jokes that center around things that may be talked about around the office if they’ve thought to themselves make them feel a sense of connection with the event.

Again, this could increase the chance of participation in other events that day and leave employees feeling good about their jobs long after the event is over.

Relay Important Messages

Every company has goals and a mission statement they like to clearly express to those who work for them. While it’s likely this can be read on the company website or in the employee handbook, there are better ways to showcase and connect your employees to what your company is all about.

Create a comedic skit that outlines company goals. Write a rap or a sequence of charades that get the message across.

Conveying information in this way will have a higher success rate of information retention among your employees