If you’re looking to get rid of your timeshare, finding the best cancellation company is important. A legit cancellation company will negotiate with the timeshare provider directly and should never charge you any upfront fees. Instead, they will keep you updated on the progress of the cancellation process. In addition, a legit timeshare cancellation company will never rent, sell, or donate your timeshare.  

Ways of Getting Rid of Timeshare Contracts  

Here are the top 7 ways by which you can get rid of your painful timeshare contracts: 

Cancel it Before the Decision Period Expires  

The best time to cancel your timeshare is before the decision period expires. If you want to get out of the contract early, canceling the timeshare with the timeshare resort itself may be easier than through an exit company. However, suppose you cannot find a company that will cancel your timeshare. In that case, it may be easier for you to try negotiating with the resort developer yourself.  

You May Have a Mortgage  

In some cases, resorts will let you return your timeshare if you have a mortgage or other financial obligations. However, this is not always the case, and it is always best to contact the resort directly and explain your situation. Sometimes, a resort will be willing to accept surrender for as little as ten to fifteen percent of its original value. But, again, this isn’t always possible, as your timeshare’s value may depend on where you bought it, its location, and whether or not you have a mortgage on the property.  

Way to Identify Legit Timeshare Cancellation Companies  

You can use these ways of identifying legit timeshare exit companies and taking their assistance to exit the timeshare contract:  

It will Communicate with You and Tell you What to Expect  

A legitimate timeshare cancellation company will communicate with its clients and tell them exactly what to expect from the cancellation process. It should also communicate with its clients about any special legal terminology or processes. Unfortunately, many timeshares exit companies are not transparent with their clients and will try to keep you in the dark about their special process. Furthermore, these companies may conceal unethical practices or nonexistent processes.  

Check the Company’s Data with BBB (Better Business Bureau) 

Before you use a legit timeshare exit company, check its credentials with the Better Business Bureau. If you have an issue with a particular company, look for complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Look for both positive and negative reviews. Pay close attention to the reasons for the negative reviews. Also, make sure to read the company’s response. A good cancellation company should be able to provide proof of the money spent.  

Unsolicited Phone Calls  

Fraudulent timeshare exit companies can call you with unsolicited phone calls. These companies may know your date of purchase, location, and personal information. Despite their claims, these companies are probably just trying to sell you a timeshare you no longer want.  

Wrapping Up  

If you’re tired of paying annual fees for your timeshare, there are several options you can use to get rid of your contract like connecting with a legit timeshare exit company. First, you can try to contact the resort directly. You may not get a positive response at first, but with persistence, you can get a release. Sometimes, you can even find a retraction clause in your contract that will let you get out. But you’ll likely only have a limited timeframe and may have difficulty canceling the contract.