Choosing the right frame shape that accentuates your natural features may seem like a challenging task. If you’re buying glasses for the first time or buying them online, you must be feeling puzzled by the remarkable number of choices you have at your disposal.

I am here to make the process a little easier for you. I’ll tell you how you can narrow down the choices and get closer to your ideal frame shape.

This guide will give you hints and tips to help you choose the best frame shape that brings balance to your features.

Round face shape

What makes a round face round is that it has a similar length and width with fuller cheeks and a soft jawline. Since your face is dominated by soft features, what you want to achieve is a little bit of angularity with the right pair of glasses.

Chunky acetate glasses in bold designs such as black or tortoiseshell will drive attention to the angles. Metal frame glasses with clean-cut designs and sharp edges will cloak your fuller cheeks and balance out your curvy features.

Try out frames in the square, rectangle or cat-eye shapes that are loaded with angles and look great against your round face.

Square face shape

A square face shape is defined by a strong jawline, broad forehead and straight cheek lines. The face shape is symmetrical with both the forehead and jawline having the same width.

The thing you need in your glasses is to soften the face and make you look more approachable. Round or oval frames will do better for you with their curvy designs and soft appeal.

Thin metal glasses or acetate frames will make you look elegant whereas chunky frames can make your face look bulky. Another great option for you is an aviator glasses frame that will tone down your angular features without disrupting the symmetry.

Oblong face shape

Oblong faces tend to be longer than they are wide. They have pronounced cheekbones and a large forehead that adds to the length of the face.

Make sure your glasses are as wide as your face shape. Also, anything geometric will suit your long face. So, stick to square or rectangle glasses to bring balance to your long face. If your frames are colourful or have eye-catching designs, they will deviate attention from the length of your face.

Decorative temple arms will add character to your glasses and provide depth to your face shape. This will make your facial structure look more balanced and symmetrical. You can also try wooden glasses as they are eye-catching so people only notice your beautiful eyes and don’t pay much attention to the face length.

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top with a pointed chin. As the face is already top-heavy, you need something that makes up for the narrowness of your chin.

Cat-eye or browline glasses will emphasise your forehead throwing your face shape further off balance. Semi-rimless glasses with decorated lower rims will give a more proportioned look to your narrow jawline.

You can also try out rectangle or oval glasses that won’t overpower your features but accentuate your already beautiful eyes.

Diamond face shape

A diamond face shape is widest towards the cheek area with a narrow forehead and chin. To make sure your glasses look good on your face, the frame should not be wider than the cheekbones.

If you want to add width to your forehead, choose frames with detailings or embellishments on the top. Softer frames such as oval glasses will bring balance to your angular features. Avoid cat-eye glasses as they’ll put emphasis on your wide cheekbones.

Rimless glasses don’t have a frame and thus blend into your face. They won’t do anything towards bringing structure to your face shape. So, you must avoid wearing rimless glasses as well.

Oval face shape

An oval face is versatile and can pull off any frame shape. From round glasses to square frames, this face shape is the right candidate for every frame shape.

However, if the glasses are wider than the widest part of your face then your face will look slightly off-balance. Also, oversized or large vintage frames will give a stylish and trendy look to you.

Eyeglasses make for an incredible fashion accessory if only one knows how to choose for their face shape.