Small closets Regardless of the size, the trick to making the most of your closet is to maximize the space. Unlike other methods, maximizing space is effortless and affordable. You can use many techniques to make the most of your small closet. Additionally, there are many factors to consider when choosing these techniques. Sounds like some complicated science experiment, right?

It can be until you engage the professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts who will help you explore effective strategies you can implement to increase storage space and keep them looking neat at all times. In addition to that, let’s also explore other ways to increase the space in your small closet.

Decluttering and Cleaning

Naturally, an organized space means an organized mind. When your closet is bursting out with unpacked and unarranged clothes or items, you won’t be able to identify what you need and what you don’t. As a result, cleaning and decluttering are viable options to increase space and keep your storage space looking great. Clean and declutter by taking everything out first. Next, group everything according to its importance, ranging from current fashion styles, basics, etc.  

Next, make piles of items to help you decide what to keep and what to leave out. Create four piles of items you’d like to keep and those you want to get rid of, items you’d like to donate, and seasonal clothes. Do not forget to also separate shoes into four similar piles. You can start with ill-fitting pieces and those that are seasonal. 

Tip: Remember only to keep functional items that spark joy within you. You can start with basics and be flexible when selecting pieces that can be paired with the basics.

Removing Any Distractions

Mostly, your closet space isn’t enough because of distractions such as the interference from items you could have kept somewhere else. So, to add space, check everything inside the closet and remove what you can store elsewhere. On top of that, measure every item you keep and start with the tiny ones. This way, you can store small things in piles followed by bigger ones. Then, measure the shelves to help decide the things you can hang based on their sizes. 

If you like, insert shelf liner papers in your closet. These liners will help protect your items from stains, scratches, and moisture damage. They also help you clean and arrange your wardrobe effortlessly in the future for the best closet liners.

Foam Liners

Instead of using adhesives, foam liners have gripping textures and won’t leave sticky residues on anything you store inside the closet. In addition to that, these liners hold items in place, preventing any item from taking more space than others. Plus, most foam liners have perforated sections to fit the dimensions of anything you store inside effortlessly. In the end, they help you save space.

Fabric Liners

Fabric liners are soft, and they also won’t leave scratch marks on your closet shelves or the items you store, especially if they are utensils. Still, unlike other liners, fabrics are non-adhesive and don’t leave residues behind, keeping your closet clean almost all the time. These liners come in all kinds of colors and prints for keeping clothes and other items.

Using Containers to Maximize the Closet Vertical Space

To avoid leaving valuable space from going to waste, consider keeping items from toppling by arranging them in order of use or importance. For example, start by storing handbags or suits along the same line or even pile them together. All the same, you can decide to get bins or storage containers for small items, jewelry, and anything else you can pack together. 

Then, label each container before storing it to avoid mixing things up when picking up something.  Also, store seasonal items on the top shelves or in containers to leave space for things you use regularly. Better yet, get storage boxes for garage items.

Stacking Shoes on the Floor of the Closet

If your closet has stacking shelves, use them for keeping shoes instead of mixing them up with other items. And if you have a particular space for the closet, like a separate room, keep shoes on the floor of the room to maximize the space of the closet for keeping something else.

Utilizing the Closet Doors

Depending on the size and design of your closet, its door could be an ideal place for hanging accessories such as shoes and jewelry. If you keep kid’s items in the closet, hang their accessories, including backpacks, on the door.