Did you know that the average person can detect around 1 trillion scents when they don’t have a stuffy nose or infection?

Scents are constantly around and impact moods by influencing the limbic system and brain.

If you want to make your home a positive environment, there are a few scents to focus on.

Continue reading to discover how your home scents are impacting your mental and physical well-being!

Create an Uplifting Environment

One of the best ways to increase home scents and promote an uplifting environment is with citrusy aromatics.

Lemon, grapefruit, and orange essential oils can help you wake up each day with a smile and a positive attitude. These scents engage certain areas of the brain that trigger happy and refreshing feelings.

There’s nothing worse than walking into a dirty home that smells like last night’s dinner or the pets. Whether you prefer air freshener or wax melts, citrus scents will brighten up your home.

Relieve Tension

If you are constantly stressed and tense, you can use candles and essential oils in your home to relieve tension.

Scents like eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender have calming effects. Your body and mind can benefit from these aromas and you will notice a decrease in stress levels. Studies conclude that scent and mood are directly linked and influence each other.

If certain scents make you happy and peaceful, you should place them around your home. Sometimes, the best way to relieve tension is by triggering memories.

Trigger Positive Memories

Have you ever walked by somewhere, smelled the air and it took you back to another place and time?

Aromatics send signals to the brain and create associations. When you smell certain scents, it can remind you of happy and peaceful moments in life. The brain uses all 5 senses to create new memories and associations.

Scent diffusers are great for the workplace and at school since you can use them to feel happy. For example, some people use holiday scents that remind them of happiness during the winter season.

Feel Clean

When you have guests coming over, you want them to walk inside and feel like the house is fresh and clean. 

Nature-inspired scents like rain, sea blossom, and fresh breeze can make you and your guests feel clean. Candles and scent diffusers can release these aromatics without them becoming over-powering. Instead of using disinfectant sprays and cleaning solutions, you can use oils with refreshing scents.

You can read more on fresh scents to discover the perfect scent and mood for your home.

Which Home Scents Are You Drawn To?

When it comes to managing your mood, home scents play a critical role.

Whether you realize it or not, your brain is picking up on the aromatics in your home and influencing your mood. By lighting candles and using diffusers, you can live more peacefully and relaxed. Think about the environment you want to create to determine the best scents.

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