When it comes to promoting campaigns on social media, posting images and captions is not enough, that’s why streaming companies constantly innovate creative ways to generate leads.

To further improve their engagement efforts, streaming platforms now use QR codes. These digital tools can offer quick access to any digital information.

With the best QR code generator online, you can make your streaming platforms more engaging and interactive for your audience.

Find the best QR code solutions you can use for your streaming platforms in this article.

How to use QR codes for streaming platforms

1. Increase app downloads

You can use an app store QR code if you have an application for your streaming platform.

The app store QR code is a dynamic QR solution that can direct your audience to a page where they can download and install your app on their devices.

It will work on both Android and iOS devices and can surely increase your app downloads.

2. Attract more social media followers

One of the best platforms for promotions is social media since there are over four billion users around the world today.

You can make a single QR code that embeds all your social media channels and even add any streaming platform using custom URLs.

Using a social media QR code, your viewers can easily follow and access your social media updates and live streams with a scan and a tap.

3. Increase Website visitors

Most people don’t like copy-pasting long URLs on their browsers because they might make mistakes and end up on a 404-error page.

You can generate QR code for URL to direct your audience to your website. Your target customers can then find an overview of your streaming services.

By scanning the QR code with their smartphone, your audience won’t have to manually type long links to access your website.

This way, you are engaging your existing clients and attracting new potential customers.

Why is it best to use a dynamic QR code?

Using dynamic QR codes for your streaming platforms, you can check your data analytics to determine the location where more people scan them.

This advanced QR code type can help you assess the performance of your campaign by tracking the number of scans, location and time, and the device used in scanning.

When you need to update the data in your dynamic QR codes, you can easily modify it on the generator software’s dashboard since they’re editable.

Upgrade your streaming services with QR codes

Learning how a QR code functions allow you to tailor each user’s viewing experience since you can embed it with various content that will suit their taste and preferences.

By simply scanning a QR code via a smartphone, your audiences can instantly have access to the content on your streaming platform.

You can have your QR codes today with the best QR code software QRTIGER. This will surely provide a convenient streaming experience to your viewers.